Monday, March 28, 2011

Four Days Of Four

Four Days of Miss Summer being Four.

Four years for Summer.

Four Kids we have.

They All Have been four.

None, do we bet, are going to be four quite like Summer....

She has hit this age running! It's like a light bulb went on, and she actuallyhad something in her brain say"THISISTHEMOSTOBNOIXIOUSAGEYET!!!!" OMG!, LOL!

She has.... in four days.....

had several roll on the floor tantrums... Like laughable roll side to side in the cartoon's arm flaying non reachable tantrums.

Had strep throat so bad, we had a early Saturday morning visit to Dr. that entailed a SHOT.

Was SO sick I carried her in, the shot worked so WELL, by noon she was swinging from the chandelier, LOL!

Has snored so loud one night that made us all switch beds and Mike ended up on the couch!

Had a nightmare one night and sat up in bed CONVINCED her toes had been totally eaten by bears...

Has a stash of stolen gum in her under ware drawer.

Oy...I think she is going to wear four out...!

Friday, March 25, 2011

I'm the Best Mother In the World!!!...Or Not

The other day, we had the weirdest weather. We had Ohio weather. Extreme Ohio weather.

The day had moments of sunshine. There were times of rain. There was wind and hail. It would come and go.

At one point in the day it was close to 80 and by nightfall we were touching the 30's. There was an hour there where we dropped liked 25 degrees, just in that hour. It was dramatic.

That would be the hour I would like to talk about.

Now this COULD be my shining moment as a mom. It really really could. Because I was all over this. I had this.

Let me set the stage. Birds chirping...sun shining...I'm picking up Summer from preschool. Wind starts. Rain starts. By the time I get home we are talking deafening HAIL is pounding my car. She is kindof getting spooked. I know that Matthew's bus is coming in a few minutes, and I also know that he is TERRIFIED of storms. OTHER parents are at the bus stops in their cars waiting for their kids {{of course}}, but our house is pretty darn close to the bus stop, so this is something I normally don't do. I think that a few inches of walking in hail would be horrible, so I decide to pull my car up to the stop too! But first I must get Summer inside.

{{Cue dramatic music}} With Hail pounding and her starting to cry, I pulled into the driveway and honked my horn for Mike to come out and get her. He comes out into the garage and looks at me like..."What in the heck do you want me to do?!?!" We had just bought a lawnmower and he put the huge cardboard box over his head and waddled out to the car to get Summer from me, dodging hail like and armored truck. It was so loud we couldn't talk or communicate. I backed out and pulled up to the bus stop.

I was blocking the neighbors driveway. Usually edicate me would worry so...desperate times call for desperate measures!!! I was breaking protocol of not only blocking a stop sign but blocking the bus from backing up....I threw caution to the wind. I was there for one purpose and one purpose only. To get my son safe, Lol. In the adrenaline of having my car beat to hell by the hail, the overwhelming noise of it all, the wind and the rain, I hunkered down to wait.

And wait I did. Because up the street, waited the bus. I guess school rules make the drivers put it in park when there is hail like this. So it sat. And I sat. And all the other parents sat. In this huge storm.

Finally there was a break. And the bus moved to our stop.

And do you know what.

DO YOU KNOW WHAT?!?!?!?!??!?!?!??!??!!

My son didn't get off.

Yes. Yes. {{insert shining moment}}

Today is Wednesday.

WEDNESDAYS, Matthew goes to a social group after school.

I know this.


I forgot this in the passion of the moment.

I kicked my car in reverse and drove the millimeter home.


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

4 years ago....

HOLY H.E double Hockey Sticks.
This was me. Waiting for tomorrow. The next day. The BIG day. The day our caboose was coming to join us.
4 years later...I am getting ready to decorate many cupcakes in the design of little pigs and wolfs and make one amazing princess cake.
Pretty awesome.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Cleaning the Car

Today I have been waiting for.

Sun. (Oh Sweet Heaven, SUN!) And predicted 67 degrees for the temperature.

Something these here parts have not seen in awhile.

These are the days I have painstakingly waited for, that my ocd got the best of me and I had started around February looking up the sunrise, sunset calender everyday. Waiting and holding on for. The darkness came so early...the long cold rainy snowy wet grey days that I couldn't wait for spring.

And ALL that goes with it!

The cleaning and clearing out. The change of wardrobes. The airing out the house. The gardens!

The five day forecast I have been watching like a hawk. I knew that today was going to be THE BEST DAY EVER! On Tuesday as it rained and I slopped my way up the walk to Summer's preschool in the 30 degree weather, a man said to me sarcastically "what weather!!" I just smiled and said " wait till Thursday!"

So here it is. And it is awesome. The windows are open. The cats are out. And I have started the task of gutting the car after a bitter, dirty winter.


The floor mats are scrubbing in the washer, and I with my bowl of soap went out to battle the seats and walls. This.....apparently.....gave me ALOT of time to think.

My car is like my drive away house. Except I ALWAYS stay in my room {{the driver}} and the kids are ALWAYS having free reign in THEIR room {{the backseat}}. Summer is sentenced {{thank goodness}} to ONE room {{her carseat}}, and because of this set up.....IT IS VERY VERY FREAKING GROSS IN THE BACK!

My husband has always treated me very well and taken care of me tremendously in the car department. I have always had a nice car to drive, and at this time, I have a super duper swagger wagon. I have automatic opening doors and hatches, and things happen with the press of a button. But this. This is all me. {{the cleaning part}}


I am off now to vacuum. I am sure a small meal of crumbs will be sucked up. Along with a couple of UNO cards and maybe a mighty bean.

But I wouldn't trade it for the world right now. I am in the sun. At the end of the day I will have a clean car {{for awhile}}. Life is good;

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Kids And Their Fazes

Kids go through all kinds of fazes... WEIRD fazes.

Especially it seems MY kids.

And especially a particular ONE of my kids.

I'm sure you can guess which one.


As we pass through the different ages I roll with the punches. I acknowledge his extremeness, his weirdness, but being his mom, love him unconditionally. I stand up for him if needed and laugh alot.

When he was 2 he fiercely loved Blue's Clues.

No. I mean take it to a whole new level. Would only wear green like Steve. Talked incessantly about it. The word obsessed was whispered.

At this age he had a pocket of touching insanity with Santa. We're talking rocking him to sleep singing Christmas Carols, couldn't let the topic go...My mom handmade a Santa outfit for him that year and we have a picture of him standing in front of the mirror in awe looking at himself. Like he just couldn't believe the wonder...

There was the faze of bathroom habits, umm...not in the toilet?? how do I put this. Water drains, cat boxes....Pooping outside and having our neighbor Fred witness it was not a fun time. {{sorry Fred}}. No people. He was older. No excuses there.

His major allergy to poison Ivy but yet continues to venture out into it, EVERY TIME. Covering his entire body, all sacred areas. Once the Doctor told us after our many trips and cortisone shots that cold water would ease the itching. My mom walked into the room to see Jake sitting in front of the TV with his ummm {{package}} floating in a cup of water. He crouched in front of the cup obviously pleased with his plan.

So here we are...age 13. And the faze??? Is anyone familiar with the show "The Middle"?? The teenage boy Axl? That would be Jake.

We can NOT get him to wear pants. The boy is in his boxers all the time to the point it is upsetting. It has been a cold Ohio winter here and it has not deterred him. All day long he wanders the house in a shirt and no pants. The fun comes when he drags this obnoxious fuzzy blanket that my mom gave him for Christmas with him, or wraps it around him like a dress.

Tatum's friends and boyfriend come over, and this doesn't seem to worry him too much. He will saunter off to him room or get his blanket. {{good Lord, my 13 year old has a blanky!}} We have tried to MAKE him get on pants, and ENCOURAGED him to also...but I think that it will be like all the other fazes...we are just going to have to wait this one out. {[sigh}}

Friday, March 11, 2011

Secret Suprise

Last night, I had a nervous 18 year old boy show up at my door with his pockets filled with Hershey kisses, and his arms filled with roses. It was midnight and we had been texting back and forth for awhile. We had to be sure she was asleep and we had to be quiet...

He had a big grin, and as quiet as he could, he tiptoed up the stairs and set up his surprise for my daughter.

The note read...

"Now that I've kissed the ground you walk on , and showered you in Roses...Will you go to Prom with Me??"

Awww....Young Love <3

Sunday, March 6, 2011


This year I turned thirty-six. I wasn't sure how I felt about this upcoming birthday. But when it came upon me, I had no choice. I was given such an outpouring of thoughtfulness and LOVE from friends and family, that I KNOW this year is going to be wonderful. I am so blessed to be surrounded by such great people and was given a day where everyone took the time to make me feel so special. Thank you all. It was so great to have people take the time to tell me how much they love me. You all are awesome. I feel it in my bones that God has put each of you in my life and in my path for a reason.

My husband..{he tried SO HARD to make my day special} topped off the day by giving me this. It is simple and silver and perfect. With a tree stamped on it, he couldn't of picked any thing more perfect.
One of the **fantastic** and funny cards that couldn't have been more me!
LOL! This is so true. And has happened to me before with one of my many cats! Thank you sweet Marty. Love you!
This paper airplane flew by and hit me in the head. I wouldn't expect it any other way from my Matty....
and the cake.... look at Summer...could she get any more excited! You think it was HER cake!
Of course I needed help blowing it out!. Thanks everyone. I think I am officially spoiled. I can't wait to see what this year will bring!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ready or Not Walt, Here she comes....

This is the year we take Summer to Disney world. We have been educating her on the Classic's. Pulling out all the books and dvds, and even VHS's from the older kids. Talking and dreaming and planning.

Jungle Book, Peter Pan, Aristocats, Mary Poppins, The Rescuers, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Winnie the Pooh, Mickey Mouse, The Fox and the Hound, Pete's Dragon, Cinderella...

but you know the mind of a 3 almost 4 year old girl.

{{you don't?!?!?!}}

{ahem}} well let me tell you.


So this year in her little dance class when I found out her recital was going to be to the song for "Sleeping Beauty", I knew it would be perfect!

Little did I know HOW perfect it would be! got our costumes!

Aurora is ready!

(Oh how absolutely ready she is to be princess, lol!)

{{here she is actually calling sing songing to the forest animals to come out, LOL!}}