Thursday, March 17, 2011

Cleaning the Car

Today I have been waiting for.

Sun. (Oh Sweet Heaven, SUN!) And predicted 67 degrees for the temperature.

Something these here parts have not seen in awhile.

These are the days I have painstakingly waited for, that my ocd got the best of me and I had started around February looking up the sunrise, sunset calender everyday. Waiting and holding on for. The darkness came so early...the long cold rainy snowy wet grey days that I couldn't wait for spring.

And ALL that goes with it!

The cleaning and clearing out. The change of wardrobes. The airing out the house. The gardens!

The five day forecast I have been watching like a hawk. I knew that today was going to be THE BEST DAY EVER! On Tuesday as it rained and I slopped my way up the walk to Summer's preschool in the 30 degree weather, a man said to me sarcastically "what weather!!" I just smiled and said " wait till Thursday!"

So here it is. And it is awesome. The windows are open. The cats are out. And I have started the task of gutting the car after a bitter, dirty winter.


The floor mats are scrubbing in the washer, and I with my bowl of soap went out to battle the seats and walls. This.....apparently.....gave me ALOT of time to think.

My car is like my drive away house. Except I ALWAYS stay in my room {{the driver}} and the kids are ALWAYS having free reign in THEIR room {{the backseat}}. Summer is sentenced {{thank goodness}} to ONE room {{her carseat}}, and because of this set up.....IT IS VERY VERY FREAKING GROSS IN THE BACK!

My husband has always treated me very well and taken care of me tremendously in the car department. I have always had a nice car to drive, and at this time, I have a super duper swagger wagon. I have automatic opening doors and hatches, and things happen with the press of a button. But this. This is all me. {{the cleaning part}}


I am off now to vacuum. I am sure a small meal of crumbs will be sucked up. Along with a couple of UNO cards and maybe a mighty bean.

But I wouldn't trade it for the world right now. I am in the sun. At the end of the day I will have a clean car {{for awhile}}. Life is good;