Monday, March 28, 2011

Four Days Of Four

Four Days of Miss Summer being Four.

Four years for Summer.

Four Kids we have.

They All Have been four.

None, do we bet, are going to be four quite like Summer....

She has hit this age running! It's like a light bulb went on, and she actuallyhad something in her brain say"THISISTHEMOSTOBNOIXIOUSAGEYET!!!!" OMG!, LOL!

She has.... in four days.....

had several roll on the floor tantrums... Like laughable roll side to side in the cartoon's arm flaying non reachable tantrums.

Had strep throat so bad, we had a early Saturday morning visit to Dr. that entailed a SHOT.

Was SO sick I carried her in, the shot worked so WELL, by noon she was swinging from the chandelier, LOL!

Has snored so loud one night that made us all switch beds and Mike ended up on the couch!

Had a nightmare one night and sat up in bed CONVINCED her toes had been totally eaten by bears...

Has a stash of stolen gum in her under ware drawer.

Oy...I think she is going to wear four out...!