Sunday, March 13, 2011

Kids And Their Fazes

Kids go through all kinds of fazes... WEIRD fazes.

Especially it seems MY kids.

And especially a particular ONE of my kids.

I'm sure you can guess which one.


As we pass through the different ages I roll with the punches. I acknowledge his extremeness, his weirdness, but being his mom, love him unconditionally. I stand up for him if needed and laugh alot.

When he was 2 he fiercely loved Blue's Clues.

No. I mean take it to a whole new level. Would only wear green like Steve. Talked incessantly about it. The word obsessed was whispered.

At this age he had a pocket of touching insanity with Santa. We're talking rocking him to sleep singing Christmas Carols, couldn't let the topic go...My mom handmade a Santa outfit for him that year and we have a picture of him standing in front of the mirror in awe looking at himself. Like he just couldn't believe the wonder...

There was the faze of bathroom habits, umm...not in the toilet?? how do I put this. Water drains, cat boxes....Pooping outside and having our neighbor Fred witness it was not a fun time. {{sorry Fred}}. No people. He was older. No excuses there.

His major allergy to poison Ivy but yet continues to venture out into it, EVERY TIME. Covering his entire body, all sacred areas. Once the Doctor told us after our many trips and cortisone shots that cold water would ease the itching. My mom walked into the room to see Jake sitting in front of the TV with his ummm {{package}} floating in a cup of water. He crouched in front of the cup obviously pleased with his plan.

So here we are...age 13. And the faze??? Is anyone familiar with the show "The Middle"?? The teenage boy Axl? That would be Jake.

We can NOT get him to wear pants. The boy is in his boxers all the time to the point it is upsetting. It has been a cold Ohio winter here and it has not deterred him. All day long he wanders the house in a shirt and no pants. The fun comes when he drags this obnoxious fuzzy blanket that my mom gave him for Christmas with him, or wraps it around him like a dress.

Tatum's friends and boyfriend come over, and this doesn't seem to worry him too much. He will saunter off to him room or get his blanket. {{good Lord, my 13 year old has a blanky!}} We have tried to MAKE him get on pants, and ENCOURAGED him to also...but I think that it will be like all the other fazes...we are just going to have to wait this one out. {[sigh}}