Friday, October 31, 2008

Oh My Head

Okay...maybe 35 is older than you think.

Heather and I went out last night for her 35th birthday. We had so much fun, and I have not laughed that much in forever. We went to Columbus and shopped and drank and watch a show at Shadowbox Cabera.

Now the buzz is gone. I am back home.
The party is O. V. E. R.

I feel OLD. And have a headache.

And it was TOTALLY worth it!!!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Adult Conversation Wanted

Conversation with a baby

SUMMER: AHHHSWAL (Oswald!) (A show on Noggin)

ME: That's right baby! Very Good! Now it is time to go though.


ME: Oh yes! We have to go in the car. You can watch Oswald when we get back.

SUMMER: NNnnnOOOOooo!!!!!

ME: (turning off the tv) Come on now (picking her wreathing body up) we'll be back later (having her kick and headbutt) you can watch Oswald then (listening to her scream bloody murder!)

SUMMER: AAaaswhallll!!! No! NO! @%$^#%&^)#(^#^%^*#^& (baby cuss)

From 8:30 a.m. to about 3:00 when Tatum gets home, this is the stimulating conversations I behold. Then Noggin turns into Monk, and Animal Rescue 911, and Deal or No Deal. And the conversations do not amount into much more than whether or not I can get grasshopper cookies at the grocery the next time I go.

I have begun talking to myself over a cup of crazy.

Naw now...Don't you go Judging me~!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Our Dog Willie...after a fitful night of sleep!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fall Fest

This past weekend my son's school held their annual Fall Fest. Now I gotta say this school is beautiful. It was built years and years ago. It used to be this small town's High School, until our town grew and grew, and new buildings got built. Now it houses the 5th and 6th grades. It is the oldest school in town, and has no air conditioning. Heather and I's son's (Elijah and Jake) of course got assigned to the 3rd floor, but this year wasn't too bad with the heat. The school even has a little bit of fame, being used in the movie starring Barbara Eden called Harper Valley PTA!
Now who do you think were the brainiac's who volunteered to be in charge of this event????
We worked so hard on this, loving this season and holiday. And of course it is all for the kids right?
That would be why I have not a single picture of our children dressed up for this affair......but I have plenty of pictures of our decorations and of us.
I am an awesome mom!

Actually we were pretty busy during the event. We took these pictures before the crowds came:)

Heather made all the signs. She does Stampin Up Cards, so she is a whiz at creating these beautiful posters.
This one advertised our game Guess the Monster...kind of an icebreaker game that the kids had to hunt around for different people that were certain monsters.
This was our prize table.
We also had a costume contest. Different categories like Spookiest, Scariest, Prettiest, and Best Homemade. One kid actually put boots on his hands, jeans on his arms, shirt on his legs, and a head between his legs, so it looked like a person standing upside down. Very Cool. There were mini Sarah Palin's, someone inside a laundry basket with a hole cut out the middle and laundry attached all over them, monsters, and witches.
The Principal got to choose the winners. One category, was slow for many people to come for, I forget what it was, maybe scariest, well this werewolf kid comes up alone. The Principal keeps saying to the kids, "Come on up if you want to be in this category"..and such. Finally a 2nd kid comes up in the SAME costume! Then a 3rd kid in the same costume! We only had prizes for 2 places, but made do so all three could win!

The highlight of the evening had to be towards the end. Heather, and Joe, and I happened to all be there in the back hall. Well, some kid decided to open his locker with his combination and GET INSIDE of the locker and jump out at people trying to scare them. As he sat crouched in his locker, someone else who didn't know he was in there walked by and SHUT THE DOOR! The kid was hollering and yelling, and the bottom latch didn't click, so his little gloved skeleton fingers were wiggling out. The first teacher that got there was mad. A crowd started to form. When the principal got there, he was a cool cat. He talked to the kid and was able to get it open. The first thing he said to the kid was "Did ya learn your lesson?" When the kid agreed he had, the principal said to someone as he handed them his camera...."Take our picture in front of the locker". Every one was smiling then.
The part I took care of mainly was the Cake Walk. It was the 1st year we had done one and it was a big success!
Look at all the cool donations we got!

Isn't that pumpkin shaped cake amazing!
Eyeball cupcakes

Werewolf Cupcakes
These were the number squares we used for the kids to stop on.

It was so fun, that I think we might sign up again next year.

I love this picture of Heather. She is cracking up cause I told her I was going to kiss her right before Joe took the shot.

Happy Halloween Everyone!!!!

Get Service

(Please pause music player at the bottom...HEATHER K!)

Please take the time to watch this video. It might just start off your week on the right foot!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Sweet on Mike

The other day, a friend of mine called to tell me that a couple we know were getting a divorce. The man was leaving the wife for another woman.

It always seems to astound me how much news like this shocks me. I maybe have always just had the safe falsehood of "this would never happen to me", but I know that this woman had to of had the same thoughts. She was in love, had a family, had been married for years, was married to her best friend. Thinking of all this unnerved me.

I grew up in a house where hell or high water, my parents stayed married. They were put to the test too. 17 years of battling Multiple Sclerosis to the bitter dirty end....divorce was never even an option. You just got through it. Together.

I guess in my naiveness of getting married, I just knew deep in my heart Mike was my mate. Yea, we fight...Yes, we really don't like each other at times. Yes, divorce crosses your mind when time get gritty and low...BUT, you never really go through with it. How could you....really.

I came home heavy hearted and told Mike my thoughts, and we talked it out. He said some really smart things.

1. I made my choice. He said that he had prayed for years for the chance to have a mate and a family, and he knows how lonely and hard life can be. He would never mess that up.

2. When something that looks better comes along....get it out of your system and move on! Yes the grass looks greener sometimes. Doesn't it to everyone sometimes...Is it really? No, I don't think so. "Get that shit out and get it over with".

3. People he knows that have taken on this change, still never got over it. Even though they moved to someone new, they always still carried the sorrow and bitterness. They never really did get to "leave the situation". It still chased them.
This conversation made me love my husband even more. Because I know our marriage is a choice. A choice we have to make work every day. And we choose each other.

No, it's not our anniversary, or a special date. I just wanted to say to the world how much I love this man. Who works so hard everyday for his family. Who loves me!?!

Since we had a shot gun wedding in '93, on our 10 year anniversary in '03 we took a cruise, and renewed our vows on the beaches of Key West. I just would like to share with you the wedding poem I wrote to him.

Ten years have flown by, but I
Love you more each passing day
We have built upon our own
History, and it has been fun!!
We are a unit. Our lives have held
So much that is intertwined that
I don’t know how I could be me
Without you by my side.
Here is a collection of little things
Of why I love you so much.


When you kiss me goodbye for
Work & your cologne rubs off
On my clothes, & I can smell you
On me for hours

When you call me chick-a bee

When you said “lets go to church
This morning

When you grow your beard or have look great!!

That you love music & put your
Whole heart into it when u play

That you cook dinner and never

That you love me even with my
Never ending faults

That you have our baby boys hairs
Grow long and curly

That our children look like little

That you faithfully take Matty to

That you live in a house-o-cats and
All that it entails, just because of me

That you cried when my father died

That you watched our children take
Their first breath

You never once told me to quit smoke-
Ing- you let me do it on my own

You were there for my graduation

That we were soo excited when we
Bought our trailer that we ran from end
To end of it laughing

That you let me have puppies in your

Now it is almost 16 years together. I want to see it to the end baby. And I am so lucky it is with you!

***Please know that this is not intended to put down ANYONE who has every had to leave a marriage due to abuse. Toxic situations like that you NEED TO GET OUT OF***

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hip Hop in Louisville

(you might want to turn off the music at the bottom)

This weekend Tatum competed in her first Hip Hop competition. After years of competitive gymnastics, her knees wouldn't keep up with her skill, dedication, and love of the sport. After a broken ankle last fall, she just couldn't stay in it. We looked for something that could fill her ninch. She is such a gifted spirit when it comes to body and grace. She tried a hip hop class, and joined just 8 weeks before their 1st competition.

They did great! Even though there were only 2 competitors in that category and age group, they got 1st place.

We all will miss her beauty and grace up on that balance beam (and it might take mom here awhile to digest these hip hop outfits) but she will continue to amaze and hypnotize us with her gifts from God that she shows with such beauty!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Big Pink Potty

Summer turns 19 months today, and even though she is our 4th child, we STILL are convinced that she is way ahead in intelligence, speech, and general knowledge. I know, I know....all parents think this, but since the others didn't pan out to be Einstein or Liberachi (just kidding!!! it just sounds better with the post...just go with it!) we are banking on Summer {{laughing}}

All Kidding aside, she does amaze us every day with something new she learned. Lately, she has been telling me every time she pees (she says pee pee and swats at her cha cha) or poops (she says uh oh!)
Now I know it is waayy to early for potty training, but she is insistent about telling me. So we gave in and got her a potty.
Now, with her being my last baby, and last girl, you know that big bad boy had to be as obnoxious pink as possible. I brought it home and set it up and she was all over it like a dog to a stop sign. She circled it, and sat on it, and has watched TV on it, and played with it.
Has she peed on it you say?

Well No.
But like I said, there is no rush, I feel like it is too soon.
The point is she likes it. She's getting comfortable with it. And when she decides to take that giant leap into big girl land, I will be there to help wipe her!

Tell me with that face, I shouldn't be calling MENSA.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Blogger's Trade

Yay!! I got my package today! My beautiful wrap I've been waiting for came in the mail today!! My blogger friend was showing off her gorgeous wrap she made one day on her post, and dared to ask the question.."what would she make now??" I quickly commented that she could make a wrap for me, if she really needed something else to make! We worked out a trade, and it has been so fun! Go check out Betty, she can make a mean A line skirt too!!

Thanks Betty ! I love it! It will keep me warm this cold Ohio winter. The kids are so excited to try the monkey farts! (she sent some homemade bath drop soaps too) My boys are going to smell sweet as angels!!
(This is my dramatic pose! LOL!)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pumpkins and Apple Cake

Boy, can Heather and I procreate! Look at all these people we made!
We got our first ever group shot today. Yay!

We had a fun day meeting up at the pumpkin farm. Joe's mom and dad, and Heather's sister and her family came too. We had beautiful weather for a trip to the farm.

We took a hayride out to the pumpkin patch. Poor Mike was a trooper. All the muscles in his back seized up on him today when he was doing yard work. I know he felt miserable, but he hung in there....

I don't think Summer knew what to do with the pumpkins. At first she hugged them...

She said Uh Oh to all the broken ones....

So many pumpkins, and so little time...

And then she would back up like a semi truck slowly backing up, squat and sit a spell on each one.....

Now this one....

and this one...

She's a weird little bird sometimes.

Then we headed over to Heather's for a cookout! Hamburgers, hot dogs, Heather's sister Rhonda made a delicious pasta salad, and apple cake!

We got to enjoy Isabel's kitten Autumn too! What a fun fall night!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I have never participated in this before....but with writer's block...hey it's buying me another day!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bloggers Block


I Got Nothin.......

Monday, October 20, 2008

Help from my Dad

When I was a little girl, I had terrible sleeping troubles. Many nights were spent in tears at bedtime. I would panic at the thought of not being able to fall asleep. I would worry and worry and then eventually panic. I know my parents had to pray for that faze to pass. Kids go through some weird stuff.
After it had gotten later and later, and mom had tried her turn, and they would be headed for bed themselves, I would still be there laying awake and upset. It would be my dad then to come in. He would talk with me and try to get me calm. Through this period, one of the things he did that tried to help was he showed me this little sack of Kentucky bluegrass seeds he kept in his top dresser drawer. He only got the bag out for me when I really needed it. I would clutch onto the bag and manage to sleep. The seeds had come from his days of dating my mom. She had given them to him, and for some reason he had kept them through the years.
My dad passed away after years of battling MS, and one of the things I still have in my safe box in that little bag of bluegrass seeds.
My 7 year old has been having a hard time lately. It breaks my heart to see the struggles he has. One of his troubles is nightmares. He has them almost nightly and is terrified. It doesn't seem to matter how we try to convince him that those things aren't real. He comes to us in the middle of night so scared his little body shakes and quivers.
Last night I pulled him aside and told him I was going to show him something from his Grandpa. That neither Tatum or Jake had ever gotten to use it. I told him how when I was little I had hard times too at bedtime. I got out the little sack and let him take it to bed. I told him that even though Grandpa died before he was born, that he would watch over him from Heaven. I crossed my fingers and he did fall asleep without any trouble.
About 4 o'clock he came to me and handed it back to me and said "Here...these don't work...I had a bad dream". But I told him to keep it, that it would still help.
When he woke up this morning I asked how he slept. He said that he had all good dreams, except for that one! I said "See, it does help!"
I pray that we can work through all of Matthew's troubles one at a time. I'm so glad I have the help from my dad on this one.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

What is a Starfish?

***WARNING**** Parental Discretion Advised, Sexual content Involved

Not for the easily offended.

Have I told you all before about my secret love of reality T.V. It is shallow, lame, sad, but wonderfully entertaining to me! It is a guilty pleasure of mine. It started innocently with Survivor, and Extreme Home Makeovers, but then lead me to Rock of Love (1 and 2), Tila Tequila, and The Girls Next Door. I find it fascinating the way other people live their lives and I root for the underdog on the elimination shows.

Well, the other night I was watching the Girls Next Door. That is the show with Hugh Hefner and his girlfriends living in the Playboy Mansion. Holly, Bridget, and Kendra had gone to this famous chocolate place that made molds and they were making presents for Hugh's birthday. Holly wanted to do her cha cha. (She said it is her best feature?), Bridget (*pause* ya gotta love Bridget...she is older than me, and still holds her own in that place) wanted to do Hugh's bobble head! But after seeing what the other girls were doing she gave in and decided to do her boobs. Then came Kendra. The youngest and wildest. She said she wanted to do her starfish? I thought to myself "what could this be?? I don't know?" I felt really stupid as I watch the show, wanting to be in on the joke. Well when they laid the plastic down and poured chocolate on her butt....I got it. EWWWWWWWWWWWWW!
So filled with this knowledge, I waited to use my new term in an appropriate situation.
The other day my friend Cindy was here and as she pet the cat, it was mentioned that he needed to clean himself up a little better. Cindy said "he has long hair, he can't help it". (here was my moment...we were drinking Pina colodas and having a fun adult time!) Ahem..."No, I said...he doesn't have trouble with his is all just on his STARFISH!"
I think Cindy gagged.
I was thrilled with my response. Boy I laughed!
No this blog is not appropriate.
No my kids will not read this.
Yes! I think it was very funny!
And if I helped one more person out there learn a new word...I have done my job!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Tatum's Birthday

Today was so awesome! I know it is Tatum's birthday, but we both really got to celebrate. You know that all T wanted for her birthday was a day out with mom...pedicures, lunch and shopping. But what I didn't realize was how FUN it would be for ME also.
The kids are on for "Fall Break", so there was no school today or Monday. Well because of this, I didn't have to get up at 6:30 for Tatum's bus and then get up for good at 7:30 for the boys bus. I slept in until 9:00!! WooHoo!! Then as we got ready to go, I handed the baby off to Mike, kissed the boys goodbye, and we were FREE!
We went and got pedicures first. Oh man, I love it! Tatum got black polish and it looked really cute!
Last time I went I was adventurous and got a deep purple, and I LOVED it. So this time, still feeling confidant from my liberating experience last time I chose a sparkly deep green. By the first nail I knew the mistake I had made. It did not look so good, but i was afraid to say anything. I wanted to give it a fair shot though.

Now I look like Shrek's sister---no lie!!! Oh well... it is starting to grow on me.

Then we went out to lunch. Tatum's pick. She chose Red Lobster. WOW, what a difference the wait is for 2 instead of 6! We were seated immediately. Tatum got shrimp and I got tilapia.
One thing when we all go out is we all drink water. Either that or we couldn't afford to go out much! So for her birthday I let her get a strawberry daiquiri (virgin of course!) She was so happy!
Here we tried to take a picture of ourselves in the restaurant.
Then we went to the mall. We got her a new winter coat and 3 pairs of jeans at Old Navy. We got her 5 shirts, blue plaid pj bottoms at American Eagle. She wanted to go to Ambercrombie and Fitch, but I told her that that was all I was buying. She had brought her own $ too, and still wanted to go check it out.

Ummm...Holy S**T! I cannot believe the prices in that place!!! Tatum wanted these paper thin shirts and they were $40. That is Forty Dollars. EACH! She used her own money, but with tax it was over $80. For 2 shirts!! Thank Goodness she is not one of those kids that expects clothes from those kind of places! It could never happen!
We also stopped at Bed, Body and Bath and she got some yummy shower gel.
Here she is modeling her new coat, new cammie, and her (ahem A&F) shirt.

Then it was time to get going on our dinner plans! Her best friend since childhood was coming over. These 2 girls have loved each other since they were 3 and 4. I can't imagine Tatum's birthday without Lindsey! We moved 3 years ago, and it has been hard for them not living right next door to each other anymore, but that hasn't stopped their bond. I babysat Lindsey for years, and she feels like one of my own. Her mother and I have been great friends through the years too, and we were finally going to have a chance to catch up some!

We made Tatum's favorite, Mexican.

Then she got to open Lindsey's gift, some bracelets and makeup.
While the kids ran amuck, showing Ms Cindy their Halloween costumes, latest hip hop routines, and Rock Band abilities, Cindy and I got to catch up on the latest news.
Now things are finally settling down. Lindsey is spending the night and the girls are upstairs watching a movie. The baby is in bed for the night. The I don't know where they are, but it's quite so it's not good. I better go find those guys.
Fifteen year ago, Mike and I at the beginning of our marriage, brought this sweet little soul into our lives. We have been so blessed to have had her. She is such a gift. She has been with us almost as long as we have been together! Happy Birthday Winterloo. We LOVE you!!!