Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hip Hop in Louisville

(you might want to turn off the music at the bottom)

This weekend Tatum competed in her first Hip Hop competition. After years of competitive gymnastics, her knees wouldn't keep up with her skill, dedication, and love of the sport. After a broken ankle last fall, she just couldn't stay in it. We looked for something that could fill her ninch. She is such a gifted spirit when it comes to body and grace. She tried a hip hop class, and joined just 8 weeks before their 1st competition.

They did great! Even though there were only 2 competitors in that category and age group, they got 1st place.

We all will miss her beauty and grace up on that balance beam (and it might take mom here awhile to digest these hip hop outfits) but she will continue to amaze and hypnotize us with her gifts from God that she shows with such beauty!