Friday, October 10, 2008

Tag I'm it...My 11 favorite things

Yay! This is fun! I got tagged from Heather! These are 11 favorite things

I am addicted to my kids. I love them to pieces. I miss them when we are away from each other. In the morning I am so excited to see Summer in her crib calling for me, it's criminal!
When I was a little girl, my BIG dream was to have a houseful of children. I was totally fine with getting married so young and leaping into motherhood...Let's get the show on the road!! When Matty started Kindergarten it broke my heart that there was no baby in the house anymore. We decided to go for it once more! I am soo glad we did. We all have enjoyed Summer so much. With the other kids being older when she was born it seems like a family is raising her. It has been fantastic fun!

2.My Sweets
I LOVE baked goods. It's sinful how I crave them. I feel the need to have a desert EVERYDAY after lunch and dinner. It is what I look forward too. It is my prize when I get stuff done. It is how I pack on the pounds...which leads us to #3!

3. My Workouts
I love working out. It is one thing that I demand of myself. I feel so productive afterwards. I feel free to eat what I want because of it. I feel like I am setting a good healthy example for my kids. It is my therapy. I Love it even more now since I have a awesome workout partner. We talk, we laugh, we vent.

4.My Tattoo

NNOOO!! This isn't really my tattoo. Lighten up is funny! Some dummy actually got this tattoo! One day they will be a decrepit old man in a nursing home, and have this crazy monkey butt tattooed on their belly!!
My tattoo is beautiful. It is a scrolled cross. It is permanent mark on me to show that I am a Christian. In the art around it is my 4 kids 1st initial. The kids love to lay in bed with me and find their letter.
I can't have enough pictures. They have filled 17 photo albums all in chronological order. My dream would be to do photography.
I have a really bad long term memory on some things. All my precious pictures help me remember so much. If there was a fire...the 1 material object I would so go back for is my pictures.

6. My Friends
Thank the good Lord for my friends. They keep me together and love me regardless. They mean more to me than they will ever know.

7. My Best friend's phrases
Heather is a hoot! She has a couple phrases that she say so funny and often.
One is "God Love Em!!!" She uses this whenever she is describing someone having a hard time.
Another one, you can always count on when you are telling her of some injustice. She says "WWHHAT!" I wish I could audibly show you. You almost need the guttural Islamic noise of a hocker to get the qqwwaahhaat! It makes you feel good and your wrong validated when she says this.
The third is...let's see, this is hard to describe word tones. Think of a sarcastic, you better f***ing have a good reason for wasting my time, demeaning question.
She uses this when she is describing a dialog from a confrontation of some sort, or someone that made her mad. It is "REAlly. "

I love to read. I can get lost in books. I just finished the "Twilight" series and got swept away. My favorite books I read and reread are ANY Jeanette Oakes, "Follow the River", and "My Sweet Audrina".
He really is the greatest. He loves me even though I am mean. He is very respectable of my decisions. He puts up with my shenanigans. He is easy going and I don't know what I would do without him!

Remember how I said I wanted my house to be overflowing with children? Animals are a given too. Thank God #9 is so easygoing, because I would not be complete with my pets. Cats are the best. They are warm, and soft, and they purr, and snuggle, and they are so stinkin cute! Our house always has, and always will have animals. My husband puts up with stinky litter boxes, huge vet bills, and hair everywhere. When we go on vacation, I miss my pets! (sad, I know)

11. My MOM
She is hands down the best. Go read "Happy 60th Mom" in September to hear that story. Or read yesterdays comment from her. She is my #1 fan. She always knows what to say, and she loves me no matter what!

Well there you have it!!! My 11! Whew!
I going to tag Betty, cause I think she is a really neat person and I'd love to know more!