Thursday, October 30, 2008

Adult Conversation Wanted

Conversation with a baby

SUMMER: AHHHSWAL (Oswald!) (A show on Noggin)

ME: That's right baby! Very Good! Now it is time to go though.


ME: Oh yes! We have to go in the car. You can watch Oswald when we get back.

SUMMER: NNnnnOOOOooo!!!!!

ME: (turning off the tv) Come on now (picking her wreathing body up) we'll be back later (having her kick and headbutt) you can watch Oswald then (listening to her scream bloody murder!)

SUMMER: AAaaswhallll!!! No! NO! @%$^#%&^)#(^#^%^*#^& (baby cuss)

From 8:30 a.m. to about 3:00 when Tatum gets home, this is the stimulating conversations I behold. Then Noggin turns into Monk, and Animal Rescue 911, and Deal or No Deal. And the conversations do not amount into much more than whether or not I can get grasshopper cookies at the grocery the next time I go.

I have begun talking to myself over a cup of crazy.

Naw now...Don't you go Judging me~!