Tuesday, October 14, 2008

To Grandmother's House We Go

This is my Mimi. (my dad's mom) Summer and I, along with my mom went and visited her today. Due to a bitter family dispute, about 7 months ago was the last time I saw her. It certainly wasn't that I didn't want to, but we weren't told where she was.
Mimi and I are very close. She has 7 grandchildren and she always told me I was the best :) ! We've gone on trips together, studied family history on back roads of Tennessee together, and have stayed close.
When my dad died, things on that side of the family grew distant. (not by our choosing). But Mimi was the link that held us all together.
Last March she suffered a series of strokes, which were terrifying and left her confused and refusing to eat or drink. She got to the point where we thought she would die.(About 8 days with neither) Unfortunately I did not have power of attorney as Mimi had told me she had wanted to switch to me. My uncle did, and he did not act in her best interest. The last time I saw her, I said my goodbyes, held her, and rained her face with kisses. Boy, did I grieve. For days.
BUT, she lived and since she was in my uncle's care, we were not included in anything.
Recently my mom, has spoken with my uncle, and we found out where she was. I am very raw under these scabs from the damage my uncle has caused, and to protect myself, I had closed that book and knew that I had said my goodbyes, and she was not of sound mind anyways that she would notice too much. Since then she has gotten better some, and my mom said she had asked for me.

When we saw her she had forgotten that I had Summer. The last time she saw her she was 10 months old.

THEN we went to visit with my other grandma! (my mom's mom) Summer had warmed up by then to being the expectant entertainment and did just fine!

She REALLY liked the walker.


Grandma had these little bears that kissed, and when they did the one's wings fluttered! Summer thought this was great!

When it was time for Grandma to go lunch she ran the halls like she owned the place, and put smiles on every one's faces.

She lead the way!

Today was a good day.