Monday, October 13, 2008

Fun Firetruck Friday! was a Thursday, but I was trying to stick with the "F" theme there. Heather already did a post about this, but Matthew had been persistent about OUR BLOG on the firetrucks. (I think he just wanted people to see pictures of him with the super cool trucks!)
Last week the firehouse held an event for the children of our town to promote fire safety. The firemen were fantastic. These big men awkwardly handed out popcorn and balloons, and had tables set up with other goodies. They were really nice and eager to show the kids their stuff.
I was impressed by these...

It makes you really grateful for the job they do!

While Jake was at football practice, and Tatum was at Hip-Hop, I took Matty and Summer over to check it out.

Summer's main fun was this balloon. She just kept saying "up and down, up and down."

Until the light and siren came on the truck! Then she was taken by the noise!

Matthew was told about this at school and was so excited about the car they said they were going

to cut up to demonstrate a rescue.

When I was there I called Heather to tell her she should run down with the kids. As Joe was telling me she had gone out "to the firehouse" I saw here walking up with the kids. Great minds DO think alike!

That would be Summer's balloon:( All good things have to come to an end!