Sunday, October 5, 2008

Toddler Time

Welcome Everyone!! It's time for Toddler Time!!
(as told by Miss Scarlett Summer)

This class has proven to be highly emotional for me. You kind of have to ride the bumps out, but it's all good!!

It took me several weeks to even tolerate these other people and scheduled routines....but I'm starting to go with the flow..
First we have to sit on these carpet squares. That kind of makes me mad, so I normally don't do it. But today I was feeling generous, and they were singing my favorite song "The Itsy Bitsy Spider", so I humored them for a while

I even joined in parachute time (which was a first!). I LOVED it! We bounced balls on top of the chute.

This is a tunnel I crawled through to get to the ball pit. I patrol it regularly.

These cones keep me BUSY! I have to stack them, and line them up. I have to move them here and there. It is exhausting!! But somebody has to do it!

I like each color to go on my head. I don't like people touching my cones...I feel quite passionate about this and have gotten into a couple of confrontations.

If you want to play by my rules, you are welcome!!!!

The tetter totter is one of my favorites

Now comes to a touchy subject. I really really want to sit in these balls here....and no one else should be aloud right? Well, this boy that shall remain nameless, decides he want to sit in the same ball pit. NA UHH. Nope. Not happening!! So that is why I yelled "NO" repeatedly at him.
That didn't sit well with Mommy. She had to remove me from the situation.
It got UGLY.
Moving on quickly to the next area is ELEPHUN!!! I love this game. You get your own net and try to catch the butterflies that fly out of the elephants trunk. TOO COOL!

(Take a little taste here)
Well this was my morning. I'm ready for a nap!! (So is Mom) Hope you enjoyed the visit!