Saturday, October 25, 2008

Big Pink Potty

Summer turns 19 months today, and even though she is our 4th child, we STILL are convinced that she is way ahead in intelligence, speech, and general knowledge. I know, I know....all parents think this, but since the others didn't pan out to be Einstein or Liberachi (just kidding!!! it just sounds better with the post...just go with it!) we are banking on Summer {{laughing}}

All Kidding aside, she does amaze us every day with something new she learned. Lately, she has been telling me every time she pees (she says pee pee and swats at her cha cha) or poops (she says uh oh!)
Now I know it is waayy to early for potty training, but she is insistent about telling me. So we gave in and got her a potty.
Now, with her being my last baby, and last girl, you know that big bad boy had to be as obnoxious pink as possible. I brought it home and set it up and she was all over it like a dog to a stop sign. She circled it, and sat on it, and has watched TV on it, and played with it.
Has she peed on it you say?

Well No.
But like I said, there is no rush, I feel like it is too soon.
The point is she likes it. She's getting comfortable with it. And when she decides to take that giant leap into big girl land, I will be there to help wipe her!

Tell me with that face, I shouldn't be calling MENSA.