Saturday, October 11, 2008

Best Walk Ever

My good friend Malinda and I went for our evening walk tonight. Now I have to be honest with you...I don't do well walking with her on Garbage Night. We always come across this or that from some one's pile. Not saying I haven't gotten pretty fantastic things during these raids. There is the cast iron candle holder in my fireplace that is gorgeous. I have a checkered "Lebanon Warriors" throw that we got when someone was moving. We do sometimes find great "finds". I just don't like taking stuff from peoples trash. I feel like a gypsy running through the night. (And Malinda...don't forget that one night we crossed over beside the lake...each carrying a huge full size wood Rocker by the light of the moon!)
But tonight was safe...not a Garbage Night, and we were trucking along....when...there were people setting up for tomorrow's Garage Sale. Hmmmm. We peeked from the road and saw some good stuff! Should we ask if we can check out their sale, even though it isn't until tomorrow?? No, we shouldn't....oh heck we will!!!
Again, I am not a big garage sale person. I grew up with a grandma and mom who liked deals like such, and as an adult I tend to buck the other way. But I also am an impulsive person who knows what she likes!! And they had GOOD stuff. I quickly went over their items and said.....oh, I love that, and that, and that.

Look at my finds!!!!
This phone is an old fashion phone, but it REALLY works!! It matches my house perfectly and I have always wanted one. Ten bucks. Yup! Already on the wall and working. The kids think it is soo cool.
This cutie of an old fashion bike....One dollar!!! Fits perfect in the boys room.

These were still in the box. They match Tatums room to a T. (no pun intended) I just need candles now. They were $1 for the set.

This, I don't know what you call it, but when I got it I knew it would either hold stuff in my kitchen or my bathroom. I'm trying out the Master Bathroom right now. This was $5.

So, sorry grandma and mom. I guess 2nd hand stuff can be fun!
And Malinda, I so glad we didn't have to run home by the light of the moon!