Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Saucy Sunday

I know this picture is a little blurry, but it is one of the few that I am in.....

This weekend totally rocked! We had a perfect Sunday. We got up early (thanks to a special someone who called to say that I was a SAUCY BLOG! God love her...she was as excited as me!) and went to church. It was a fantastic that fills your soul up and makes you want to go out in the world and LOVE, and work hard for God! We were all 6 together and happy and healthy and ready to face the day. We had beautiful weather. It was around 70 and a hint of fall was in the air. We came home and as the baby napped got ready for our friends to come over for a cookout. (And of course, checked said saucy blog 80 times to see all the comment love pouring in!)

When they got here we all went to Caesar's Creek state park for a hike. The kids ran off in every direction on the paths, and had their own little adventure.

Here Jake is holding a frog that they found..

Don't you love our posing children...they know just what to do when Heather and I said "everyone look at the frog and look interested."

We each took turns carrying our little pork chop. Tatum totally rocked and carried her up lots of steps and trail.

This is my favorite picture of the girls.

At one point, I guess Heather and I were too slow for our husbands. Here they are waiting patiently for their picture taking wives to catch up.

Jake acted like he was dying. That boy!

Then after the hike we went over to the dam. Imagine the biggest hill you have ever seen in your life~! Then add a mile! This thing is enormous

We let the kids try to race up it. It is one of you Eureka moments for us humans. After about 30 second, your legs turn to jelly, and your lungs can't find air.

I kept waiting for the teletubbies to come over the side of the hill!

I love this picture of Heather and me. Two friends, on a beautiful sunny day, our children laughing and happy around us.

Then it was time to go home and EAT! (and DRINK!)

Summer has started this phase where she reaches for Heather. She wants her more than me at times! They were so cute together. I think Heather was eating it up!

The "boys" got to play a little Rock band.
And then of course....SMORES!

We ended the evening with my baby playing us some songs! (Thanks Isabel for the know how to make an ol man happy!)
We didn't want the evening to end! What a Fun day~!