Tuesday, September 30, 2008



*If you have more than one post a day

*If you check your comments more that 15 times a day

*When you check your comments, and than respond to those comments, and then check if the commenter responded to your comment

*When you child does something cute, and you drop everything to go write about it

*When you think, "That will make a great post" during everyday activities.

* When your children are hanging on you to see if you are done with the computer yet.

*When you don't have your housework done, and don't care. (It never gets all done anyways!)

*When you have to chase your family down to have them read your latest entry.
(my poor husband is drug to the computer most nights to approve of the blog...and to (he better) compliment!)

*When your mother starts saying "I think your addicted!"

*When you read your comment both on your e-mail alert and then have to go to your blog to read it on there too! (they do look different you know!)

If you said yes to 3 or more of these signs listed above...you have a blogging problem! If you know what to do about it....PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!!!