Monday, September 29, 2008

Squeezing out the pigs

My children have been blessed with very fair skin, and soft blond hair. When they are babies their hair looked almost white at times.

Poor little Summer is 18 months now and it has taken her every bit of the last year and a half to grow some hair. When she was very little, people would call her a boy. The child could be in a pink dress, and they would still say " What a cutie! what's HIS name!"
By 10 months old, a defiant me went and got her ears pierced. My husband was not happy with me. Told me I was trespassing on her virgin ears.
That didn't stop me, but it didn't change much. She was still pretty bald, but now with earrings. (Didn't seem to help the matter much either...people still called her a boy at times.)
The other night I attempted for the 89th time to pull her hair up in some kind of bow.....and you know what....I could! Well kind of. We squeezed some piggy tails out of that fine soft hair, and oohhh did she look cute! We did out photo shoot as seen, and looked in the mirror to show the "pretty girl!" what she looked like.
It lasted oh about 5 minutes before she screeched like a banshee and she tried to pull them and all.

Oh well. At least I have these shots to treasure.