Friday, September 26, 2008

How many blondes does it take?

I don't know what's happening to my brain cells. I think I have run out! Maybe it's from hanging out with this one ( the right). Lately I have been having blond moments. Not that I really want to call attention to them, but I'm starting to feel like Jessica Simpson, not knowing if Chicken of the Sea is tuna or chicken!
For months now, months, Heather and I have walked by all this construction outside the window of the YMCA where we work out. For some reason we thought we needed to put our 2 cents worth in, and let it get in our crawl. "What in the world!" "What are they doing out there?" They are tearing up everything and making a big mess!" "Why would they be doing this when they are just now opening the outside pool?" (I told you months!) We look out the window in disgust and shake our heads. All the time!
Well DUH! Heather (the smarter of the two in this instance) says to me today..."you know what that is? I finally figured it out. It is the new addition to you locker rooms."
You means the renovation to the locker rooms that has been publicised for MONTHS? The same renovation that we pass huge poster board signs everyday to get to workout that announce it? The one that has closed our bathrooms and locker rooms so we can't use them anymore. The renovation that is talked about EVERYWHERE???
Yea, um brilliant. The sad part is who know how long it would have taken me to figure out myself!!!
I am already licking my wounded intelligence....Heather was sending a package to Australia and wanted some neat ideas for it. US stuff you know. She said she was thinking of putting some American money in it. I said "Heather...why would you do that?? They use the same money as us!! They speak English, and their money is just like ours (okay...Heather again is the smart one in this story...I've got to stop talking, I come out bad in these stories!) The funny part is she went for a while with me on this. She said "they do?? ohh." "Wait a minute...Becky it say UNITED STATES OF AMERICA on the bills?!"

DUH! (hales of bay)

I think my kids are draining any intelligence out of me!

Thank God Heather and I think this is funny. If I wasn't laughing I would be crying...