Thursday, September 11, 2008

Happy Year my Friend!

Does this show dedication to a friend or what??

Exactly one year to the date, God blessed me with a precious gift. One that I had no idea how badly I needed. Into my life walk (said tattooed lady above) a fun, and upbeat person. It was during that blasted hot, hot streak we had last fall where every day was above 95 degrees it seemed. I was going along fine in my life, busy and overwhelmed with a new baby, 3 other children, a husband, 2 businesses, and an hour away at least from all family. I was having a terribly rough day and had brought my son to his Flag Football practice. While my other son (then 6) ran amuck in the heat, I sat down and tried not to cry. I just remember thinking...Gosh I hope no one even tries to talk to me! I was not in the mood and consumed with a heated argument I had just walk away from with my husband.
Like a radar (that later to find out we really had), Heather walked over and plopped down beside me, introducing herself and being really hard to dislike, as much as I wanted to at that moment. Before I knew it we were talking like old friends, and when practice was over, I left hoping I would run into her again. We did and hung out at practices, and games and grew to really like each other. When the season was over, I was sad that we would lose touch. We weren't close enough yet to really not seem obsessive, but I knew I would MISS her if I didn't do something! I asked her if she wanted to meet sometime to work out at the Y. Just know, no big deal. When she agreed and we started working out 2 times a week, I was giddy with her friendship. We clicked so well. Working out time was a breeze! I looked forward to each time. (and lost all my baby weight!)
And that was all she wrote...from there, our families met, our children played together, our husbands played cards and had dinner dates with has been so fun! I feel like I am in grade school again and have that BEST friend!
Which brings us to the tattoo..... I wanted one for my birthday...and what the hell...she did too! We made a night of it..PF Changs, LOTS of plum wine (LOTS) and tramp stamps as she calls them by Roy from Roys Tattoos. I don't think I laughed that much in my whole adult life as I did that night! We came back to my house after the festivities (my husband was out of town, and my kids were in bed..had been being babysat by grandma till I got home), and as it quietly snowed coating the streets and town on that cold March night....two grown (drunk) friends laid on the floor eating, drinking and LAUGHING.
This I could be nothing less than the hand of GOD that brought you over to me that day. Thank you for being my friend. I Love ya girl!