Friday, September 5, 2008

Goodbye Summer

The calender says September, but my thermometer read 95 degrees. I am so ready to embrace Fall and say my goodbyes to Summer but my OCD ways won't allow it until mother nature complies!! I am tired of the humid Ohio hotness, and ready for mums, and apples, and sweaters, and colorful leaves! All the signs are there.....

We have had our first day of school..

Jake starts 5th grade and Matthew starts 2nd
My baby (how did she get so darn big!) starts as a FRESHMAN this year. Man I feel old.

We have done our quota of trips to get ice cream....

We have gone swimming a gazillion times..

We have started the football season, full of games and practices...
I know, I know I need to be patient! But even the lower 80's now would be welcomed! I've got chilis and soups and baking to be done!! My mom always says I am rushing it and need to enjoy where I am today. I know this to be so true, because before blink it will be over. This proves to be a very hard lesson for me.
So I will try to embrace my last few days of summer (even though we had Labor day) and remember how I felt this spring waiting for those warm days to arrive (and they had the huge WEBN fireworks which Always means the end of summer) and listen to those beautiful crickets outside (there are school clothes the kids can't even wear in their closet because it's too hot!) and enjoy these remaining summer days.