Saturday, September 20, 2008

Happy 60th Mom!

This is my beautiful mother. She was born September 21st, 1948. She has lived quite a life, and although I cannot tell it all, I can tell some. This is a birthday tribute to the lady that has LOVED me unconditionally my whole life. This is for my mom!

Some of the best memories of my mom:
*My grandparents used to have apple trees, and once a year we would go over and collect them in brown grocery bags. When we got home mom would get busy and clean them all up and makes batches of homemade applesauce. Some we would get to eat hot, and some she would freeze for the upcoming winter.

*When it was Christmas time I can remember anxiously getting off the bus to try to find the decoration of the day somewhere in the house. Mom always had a way of making games up and having fun.

* When daddy would get home from work you would sit in the gold chair with tassels, and he would sit in the blue drinking a sprite from a green bottle.

*Tim and I would go down to the creek and collect clay and you would let us use your molds to make little statues of centipedes and Donald Duck.

*Once a month we would do the BIG shopping called monthly shopping. We bought soo much food to last us most of the month. It would get loaded up in the station wagon back, and we would get boxed in by all the brown paper bags. It was fun to feel "trapped" and ride home that way.(Those were the 70's-80's..nobody wore seat belts!)
*When you wanted us to come home you would ring the great big bell that was bolted to the back of the house. We could hear you all thru the neighborhood.
*When dad was out of town we got to move the kiddy table to the family room in front of the T.v. and have a special dinner of tuna fish (dad didn't like tuna at all) and cheese bagels.

*One of my earliest memories is taking a nap in your big bed with the blue bedspread.

*If we got sick, we would get "throw up bowls", cinnamon toast, and sprite,

*Every year you would sign up to help with the doll booth at the church festival, and we would get these bags of hideous used dolls that you would clean up, dress, and curl their hair. At the festival I always felt so proud of you when someone would WIN one of these dolls for a prize.

*I am probably one of the few people who grew up in a house where we ate cereal with coffee rich and water. (Mom was very allergic to milk, so we usually did not have it.)

*You would plant marigolds along the sidewalk in the summer

*We would take family walks in the woods. You and daddy, Tim and I.
*You made batches of Christmas cookies and kept them stored in tins on top of the fridge.

*When it was payday you would get all the cash, and sit on your bed dividing it in all the envelopes to carefully spend for the month.

*You were the best mom ever. You taught me 3 very important things.
1. You stayed married. There just was not another option. You stuck in there no matter how hard it got. How sick Dad got. And you LOVED him so much. This has probably been a HUGE impact to my marriage. I saw firsthand how it was done. THIS is just what you do. There is no other option. You stick in there to the end.
2. You try to make the best out of whatever you've got. And you try to make thing FUN. You are always coming up with crazy ideas to do with the kids. They think Grandma is GREAT!

And 3. I have ALWAYS felt loved. There has NEVER been a time in my whole life that I did not feel LOVED. I never doubted I was loved. No matter what I did I knew that you loved me. No matter what happened I knew you loved me.
It defined the word unconditional!
I admire and love you so much. You have no idea how much you have shaped my life. I hope you have a wonderful birthday.