Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Another "No School" day

With all the damage from the "Inland Hurricane" we experienced here in Ohio, the children's school has been canceled for 2 days now. TOMORROW they go back, but with a 1 hour delay and early release...it doesn't seem like much. So today we tried our best to have some FUN!! We went to the park and played....
When we pulled up Summer screamed!! She knew where we were!!

This is what it's like traveling with a teenager...I believe here is where she is talking on her phone and daring me to take her picture..

Then we went and got some Harvest decor. With it being in the 70's and everyone burning wood...it smells just like FALL!!!

This was too funny...I guess I should have thought it out better, but 4 kids and 2 HUGE cornstalks did not fit well in the car!

Then Jake and I got to work!
We planted mums and took out all the old dying summer flowers.

I'm new at this blogging thing..I just erased 2 pictures! @#$%@!@#*(crap..

Here is our cat pumpkin...with the fitting name she had to be in the shots

Summer is excited with all the new things going on. She is trying to talk more and more everyday. I found the cutest darn Halloween outfit for her the other day and bought it.
It is Little Red Riding Hood, and she loves it because it is a dress. When we put it on she wants us to turn on the music and dance (dancing is pretty much going in circles until she is dizzy).

I am loving these days, these moments....I am loving being a mom!