Thursday, September 25, 2008

Jake the Snake

My son Jake is a goofball. He cracks me up on a regular basis. He also drives me NUTS!

Perfect example....last night the boy was told to take a shower. He did. Buck naked with his fricken socks on! Who forgets to undress all the way? I found a gross little pile of wet socks on my shower floor this morning.

He thought up a great game once that involved his tying himself to the cargo rack of the van. I told him not too, that if he seriously did, he would have to figure out how to get himself undone. Unfazed he continued his game. Passing by later, there is Jake the train wreck, about hogtied to the car, crying because he had to pee. "PLEASE MOM!!! HELP!! I'm going to pee my pants!!

Raising boys are soo different than raising girls. Neither is easy and they both come with their own trials.....but I tell you...if I am able to get that boy to 18 in one piece it is a miracle!

Here is my brainiac playing football toss with himself. He puts a smile on our face everyday....and a grey hair on our head!