Sunday, September 21, 2008

Poison Ivy

Let me start off by saying you are not dealing with a rational woman at this point. I am on the brink. THE BRINK.

I itch.
Really bad.
Really really really really really flippin BAD.

I am highly allergic to poison ivy. Amazingly enough, I seem to be able to catch it from in the air. THE AIR PEOPLE! How can you combat that?? I get it so bad that my Dr. has a back order of steroids for me at all times in case it hits before I can get in for an appt. I get it so bad that once when I was 12 I got it on my face, and my eyes were about swelled shut. I looked like the elephant man.

They say your skin has a memory (is there any more good news about this stuff) and when you have a new batch, it can show up where it was the last time JUST because your skin remembers it. Unfortunately that is true, because it is happening to me now. Same pattern up and down my arms.

But this is the fun ready???
Not only am I on steroids.
Not only do I have poison ivy.
But Mother Nature decided to come for a visit....oh joy. The back of my thigh is upraised in a rabid heap and gets to enjoy sharing space with my "Always" with mother flipping wings!!