Wednesday, September 3, 2008

If you can't beat them....join them!

My best friend Heather and I have sooo much in common, it's freaky. We get along smoothly with no hesitation. I actually like the differences we do have, and thrive on the ones we don't. (except for bread and butter pickles! Who the heck like those Heather!!!! Yuck!) So when she encouraged me to check out her blog last winter, one of the first things I said after checking it out was "I will NEVER be able to do that!" It takes tooo much takes computer savvy!....No way!
I really liked checking out her daily blog and seeing what she had to say. I am a sucker for pictures, and felt honored when on occasion my picture or name would arise! ( I know...give this girl a complimant and I melt).
I was fine living my busy life, checking in on hers....when one day she wrote a beautiful post about me. Awwww. I quickly thought of what I wanted to say and left a long and meaningful comment. Clicked on post....WTF! It wouldn't let me! Seriously??? I had to be a member?? My comment was lost!
Still I stood firm on my ground and continued to "stalk" the blogger friends of Heather. I felt sheepish, but what could I do??? I got to know Jen in Texas, Lula in Lulaville, and actually meet and become friends with Catherine. They didn't know me but there was no way around it!
Sooooooo long story short here I am at 6:45 in the freakin morning trying to get my post up. Who has time for this?!?! I guess I do. If you can't beat them, JOIN THEM!!