Friday, September 19, 2008

Tea for Two

Summer has been so in to her little toy kitchen, her baby stroller, and her dolls. She is the perfect little sassy mama. With her being the youngest, she gets told what to do by alot of people. When she is in the throws of pretend, she seems to be VERY bossy. Not having a younger sibling, and her older ones being away at school all day, she takes it out on the cats. She tells them "NO" when they are doing nothing at all. She fusses and squallers when they walk by. It's the perfect match because they are not phased in the least and just subtly stare at her with a glazed look. Our kitten Abby has been great. She endures rides in the baby carriage, blankets stuffed on top of her, and hopes for a drop of milk when the bottle is around. I think it's safe to say the the cats are our sweet baby's best friends.