Sunday, September 14, 2008

Windy Windy Day

On Sunday we had a tiny tiny taste of Ike, being that we are safely tucked away in Ohio. It was NOTHING compared to the devastation that is happening all over parts of Texas, and our thoughts and prayers are with the people that are going thru it.
For my kids though it was big excitement. We had around 50 mph winds. WOW! We have never really seen such winds before. What was weird, there was no rain and it was still like 90 degrees outside. The house shuddered and banged and alot of our neighbors are missing siding and shingles. It broke tree limbs every where and it pulled our neighbors pine tree out by the roots! Up the street a telephone pole was knocked over across the street. The kids played outside when the worst of it was calmed down some. The were wound up with the force of the wind, whipping you hair all around, and knocking their light weights unbalanced. We were very fortunate, because we had electricity all day long, and every shingle stayed in tack.

By 7:30 p.m. our luck ran out. The children were so excited that the electricity gotten knocked out! They ran around gathering every candle they could find. (Within an hour our house SMELLED like "berries and twigs", spice, and "ocean breeze". I was getting nauseous!)

(picture w/o flash)Tatum had her charged up laptop and put on a movie for the kids. She got real gung ho about the whole thing and cooked the baby and her a can of soup in a pot over a candle flame! The Laura Ingalls in her took over! too funny!

(Picture with Flash)They went to bed late, when the electricity finally came on around 10:00. Just a taste of "roughing it". That's the way I like it. My poor mom hasn't had electricity ALL day, and she lives bordering woods, so her yard is FILLED with broken branches...their pool is filled with debris. She is hoping her food doesn't go bad. My poor husband is getting KILLED at his work (he owns a pizza store). The whole town is freaking out w/o electricity and no one can cook. I heard McDonald's had a line down the street for their drive -thru. I hope he is doing okay...he isn't taking his cell phone calls right now. I hope he can get home! The streets bordering our neighborhood are shut down due to fallen telephone pole and trees.
Big (but safe) excitement here....Tatum went to bed hoping there would be no school tomorrow. I heard alot of schools are closed or delayed..but ours is not on the list yet. Sorry T, but I hope they do have school:)