Thursday, April 30, 2009

Mystery Solved

So things have been quite busy here with having the new kittens and all. There has been the adjustment of them with the other/older cats. There has been order of keeping the little ones put away upstairs in the laundry room with their supplies, and the older ones separated for the time being in the basement with their supplies. We have gone through this transition quite well, with the daytime pretty much everyone loose everywhere, and getting along great!
The biggest far...has been Miss Summer. She wants to love them. To death. Literally.
It's a good thing that baby kitty's need their naps alot of times a
day (and it's a good thing that Summer falls for that), because they seek refuge in their laundry room. With the door closed not to keep them in, but to keep Summer out!
They are pushed in baby carriages, and have really strong necks by this point because, although we all work with Summer on "hold them by the belly!", one is usually brought to us dangling by their neck. (I did talk to the vet about this, and I think they will be okay during this faze.)

So lately, Summer keeps on bringing me a kitten, and it will be wet.


I couldn't figure out for the longest time why this was. Was she dipping into their water dish? Goodness sake, I could NOT figure it out!

So yesterday, we were playing babies up in her room, and she had Alice in the cradle, and Rosie in the stroller, and Abby had hopped up into her crib. Summer was delighted with this situation, and we even had her stuffed cat meow meow out and in the mix. A whole room full of cats! We were rocking the babies to sleep, and singing Rock-a-bye baby, and Summer was so moved by loving on her baby that she leaned over to kiss Alice on the head...but instead......LICKED HER. Like her whole back down. Like a mama cat would! what she has been doing.

That is why they have been wet.

Licking the cats.
(At least she is showing compassion in a genuine way?!?!)