Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Can you hear me now???

Today, I had another hearing test for Summer at the hospital. Since she has had the tubal surgery now, and at the previous hearing test she failed most likely due to her need for tubes, they just wanted to check and make sure everything was doing well now.

For ones so young they put you in an enclosed soundproof room, and while I hold Summer on my lap, the lady in front of us quietly distracts her with toys, while a lady in a 2 way mirror watches and sporadically sets off buzzers at different ranges of sound and records Summer turning toward it. If she looks, then the box will light up and Tigger will hop in the box or Pooh Bear will light up, and they will tell her what a good girl she is.

Now during this process, I am suppose to act like nothing is happening. I am not suppose to move or respond to the lights or sounds or look in the direction of noise to tip Summer off. The same with the lady in the room with us. We just pretend like we hear nothing and are very quite. It is rather strange.

Well, Summer was not in the mood for this type of game today. She is two you know. She complied for awhile and responded to the louder noises, but quickly realized that we had done this before, and it did not interest her that much the first time round. I really think she has FINE hearing now. She has taken a slow time talking, but since the surgery it is slowing improving. She does take directions (when in the mood LOL) very well. So when she started to not respond, I think it was completely intentional. She was just doing what the lady and I were doing. She was not going to be anybody's monkey today thankyouverymuch. Here I sat with Tigger and Pooh hopping on the sides of me and that little booger completely ignored them. Almost every single time. The lady from the other room even said that she didn't think she didn't hear them, that she just wasn't responding.

They tested her ears also with this device that measured like a sound wave into her ear and the echo came back they said, which means things are working fine in there.

BUT...Just to be sure, I now have to come back again in 3 months and have them tested again. Ugh! I was so happy I was going to be able to get this finally done and crossed off my list, and I was foiled by a sneaky 2 year old!