Friday, April 17, 2009

Fleeting Moment

With life being so busy, I usually fall into bed each night thinking "what just happened here? Another day has zoomed by me!" I do LOVE my life, but it SO full. Meanwhile the birthdays tick by, the seasons come and go, the to-do lists never quite get finished..they just keep growing, and I am always feeling a couple steps behind!
Sometimes, life gives you those little surprises though where everything slows down, even if just for a minute, where I swear I think the moon and stars and the sun aline for just a split moment and it all comes together so beautifully. For just a glimpse of perfection at it's best I got that today, and that will hold me for a while:)

We sat on a baby blanket spread out at the ball park, that had been given to me by a dear friend when I was pregnant with Matthew. The weather was 67 degrees and the sun was shining it's warm healing rays down on our backs. It was the first warm day in a long time. Summer actually sat pacified for a moment with the paper and marker Tatum had given her. She did not dart away, or even fuss about anything, but sat quietly drawing. Matthew was out on the dirt mound smiling running around in the fresh air laughing with his team. Tatum who had worked on homework for over an hour curled up next to me, and naturally laid her head in my lap like she use to when she was a little girl. My fingers wound around her hair, and it felt so good to be close with her. I knew this was but a fleeting spec of time that could be over in seconds, but relished for however long I was blessed with it.