Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Assigned Angels

I truely believe that when we are given this life, we are meant to have this time on earth to learn. I think there are a bunch of lessons our particular soul is needing to experience and things that will be presented to us in our lifetime. I also truely believe that we are blessed with gifts. That we are given these gifts to use, to help others in many different ways. Sometimes it is very clear to us what these lessons and gifts are, and sometimes we never really figure it all out, but God has our life mapped out for us and we have been given free will to choose how to decide in the many situations we face each day. I think that at times certain people or situations come to play, not on accident, but as an opportunity for us to grow, or learn, or a chance to use or share our gift.

Looking back over each of my children's young years, I started to notice a pattern. It was a person. I would like to call them my assigned angel if you will, for that period of my life. Each of my kids, had this presence that came forth, and was involved in theirs and mine's almost daily life, and was just there with us. Now I am not talking about grandparents (although that was the case with one of the children...I will explain ahead), and for each child it was a different person. Someone that meant so much at the time, and slowly wafted into our lives, and in some cases just as quietly wafted out.

It seemed that this person, would just come, some of them had no children, but the ones that did their kids were of school age by this time, and they would devote time, and energy, and love just being with the baby and me. They all seemed to LOVE the little ones uninhibited, almost as much as I did, and could oh and ah over everything they did. This is a time when young mothers are getting little sleep, little adult communication, and oh what a blessing it is just to have a warm body come hang out with you with you and the baby to talk while you fold laundry, or do the dishes! Mike worked alot of hours, and alot of evenings, so it was very lonely, and this person would make the days seem much less lonely.

I would like to share with you my assigned angels... I truely believe these people were put in my path at these times in my life. They were given the choice though, to share their gift of love and friendship. They chose to! Some I have not seen in years, and probably will never get the chance to tell them what they did for me. Some are still in my life now, and how very blessed I am!

This one was Tatums...

When we first got married and moved into a trailer park, we moved next to an ornery couple named the Krausers. Janet and Steve had lived in the trailer park for 14 years and were proud of it! They had paid off that trailer, and raised their 2 girls, with the youngest still in High School. Steve was tall and grumpy, with gruff exterior, but nothing melted his heart quicker than Tatum. Janet had a loud and slightly abrasive personality, but "loved that baby like it was her own grand baby!"
We were starting off, and didn't have a pot to piss in. Janet bought Tatum books and dresses and checked on me. Steve changed my oil in my car and tried to teach me how too! LOL!
Janet loved the Lord, and tried real hard in life.
This is Tatum's 3rd birthday. I don't think Steve would of worn that hat for anybody...
Now Jake got a special one. Like I said grandparents don't count, but I think the Lord saw no need for us to have anything more than what we had at the time. I know I have mentioned that my dad died when Jake was 6 weeks old. My mom had so much to work out in her mind and soul, and until she did and found herself again, and felt strong enough to embrace to new life God had waiting for, she took on the full time job of just loving Jake. And that is literally what she did. She would come over like clockwork every morning and stay till after dinner. Probably 5 days a week. Honestly that time was wonderful for me. I was grieving too, and my long days with a 4 year old and baby were spent with a companion, and my mom at that! We did alot of stuff together, and she and I are very close. Jake called her Mama for the longest time too, until we could teach him to say grandma.

Matthew was a tough cookie. He is a personality that is hard to love at times. Hard headed and stubborn. Bull in a china shop. I know God worked overtime finding the right match for him. We had a neighbor at the time who's name was MaryAnn. She is the oldest of 17 children! Her and her husband did not have any children. (I think she felt she raised enough in her day. When she was 21 she drove her mom to the hospital to deliver #17) She was a children's literature professor at a college. She would gather the children up in the neighborhood and read to them books. She had the patience of a saint!
She was wonderful with Matthew. She would take him to the park and to the museum. She even took him for overnights! This was the most wonderfully present anyone could ever give me at that time. She will never know what a gift that was for me to just have a break from my high maintenance child.
And now, yet again I have been blessed with an angel. No, she doesn't know what she does is anything special, but her daily friendship, and enjoyment of Summer has been such a joy. She is quick to pop in and scoop up that baby and take her for an hour. She is ready to talk or laugh or go on a walk with me. She is choosing to share her gift of friendship. This is my friend Malinda...and yes she will not be happy about the Santa hat picture but I don't care. (I think she looks like Jasmine from Aladdin??? Do you??)
Do you have an angel you think that was put in your path?? They are everywhere if you look hard enough!