Sunday, April 5, 2009

Budding Artist

Oh my gosh you guys. You really are the best. I want to thank you all for yesterdays outreach of wisdom and friendship. I felt SO much better having an outlet to write that, and then to have the response that I got from you meant so much. I truly thank you for taking the time to not only read that, but to respond with your thoughts...

Now I promised I would get back on my saddle today, and on it I am. This life would ride away without me if I did not stay on my toes:) One of Summer's newest passions of late is to draw.

On everything.

With anything that writes!

I really try to keep things out of her grasp but that smart cookie seems to be able to find stuff everywhere.

The other day she got a orange marker and drew ALL over the edge of the bathtub, and bathroom door, and wall. I have never love Crayola more for washable markers. It washed up so easy, I felt relieved that I dodged that bullet.

This would be JUST from today. She got my lipstick. Once we wrangled her down....
the cleanup began!

Then there was the pencil...

I didn't take pictures of the pen, or of the chap stick she smeared and then ate. Oh! and the jelly bean she decided she didn't like and once it became gummy streaked along the outside of the fireplace.
I just think of this as little touches of summerness and her blooming artistic side. One day when she is famous, these pictures will can be known as her "early work", LOL!