Saturday, April 25, 2009

Mike Bday Recap

So this week has been a blur, and Mike's birthday passed by with not much chance for poor him to enjoy it. He has been knocking himself out trying to get the new store on it's own two feet, and we both are feeling the effects of it.
Monday, he was able to take the evening off, and we took the kids out to eat at PF Changs. Tatum was coming down with a stomach bug of some sort I think, and was not feeling so hot. We had his favorite German Chocolate Cake (made into cupcakes this year) when we came home, and the kids got him his annual gift of a tomato plant each.

We did get to go to the gym together in the morning too which was a rare treat. We did that stair climbing machine. 71 and 72 floors climbed respectively! (I couldn't let an old man beat me:)
I sure do miss the booger being home:( And when he is we ruin it because we are both so tired and stressed we fight. But we knew this would be a challenge when we took this on, and oh what good things we hope it to bring:)
So off into this weekend we go! With wonderful weather predicted here hopefully! It was 80 degrees here today! OMG!