Saturday, April 11, 2009

Horses, Kittens and Easter eggs..Oh My!

We went and visited the kittens today. Noooo. The kitten above is Not the kitten we have picked out for Summer. But is seems to be the one that I have the most pictures of. Isn't it cute? With it's little baby milk face and fuzzy wuzzy mew mouth and big eyes. It is one of the ones that still needs a home.
Jake has decided it needs our home.
My softhearted compassionate one. The one who said he NEVER wanted another cat after what happened to his Pumpkin. (read here to see the story) Everything changed when he saw this little girl. I think he has moved on
No way, can we have 4 cats. My husband is going to kill me. I plan on talking to him when he comes home from work tonight, and to show him this pitiful picture, but that man can be pretty tough. I'll work with what I got!
This below is Alice...our new kitten. (yes Twilight fans! She has been given that name, especially since she is spry!)
We get to bring her home some time next week!
(shhh! Logan..I snuck this in for ya buddy. This is that picture you wanted me to take while I was at your house:)
Tonight Tatum had horseback riding lessons. They called right before we walked out the door to tell us it was cancelled. Apparently her trainer had been in an accident last weekend. During a show her horse had an aneurysm and fell down dead! Her poor teacher has broken her collar bone and is back home in Santa Fe recovering. Poor girl, poor horse, the whole idea shakes you up a little. Everyday we do these sports and activities with our kids, and then you hear about these fluke accidents, and it makes you want to put them in a bubble. I know that is not the answer, nor how I want to live my life, so I push through those feelings, but oh my goodness!
This weekend we have got a Reds game for Jake to go to, babysitting for Tatum, and a sleepover possibly for Matt. Easter, church, and dinner at my mom's house. Mike will maybe get TWO days off, so I am ready!
Hope everyone has a very HAPPY EASTER!!!!