Thursday, April 23, 2009


I have been thinking about this long and hard. I need to be prepared. If there every comes a time in my life where I stumble upon that magic lamp with the genie, or I get a wish from the magic fairy in the forest because she saw me do good, I do not want to be like the others before me. I do not want to fall into the trap of greed. Or desperation. Or panic. I will be ready.

Of course, don't be silly, I don't think this really is going to happen, but I am no fool! I have heard waayy to many Chinese proverbs to know that if you ask for the wrong thing, karma will bite you in the ass, and you will end up with nothing!

So bags of money, I do not desire. The boobs of a playboy bunny...nope! (although from this flat chested girl that would be freakin sweet!). I just ask for one thing.

ooOOH Yeeeaahh! Bring me on some Alice!

1st of all people, like she LIVES with you. She is there 24-7. (but in a separate part of the house in her own quarters undisruptive to you guys at night:) (see I have thought this through!) She can not get away! She in on call. Your BFF in all house hold/companionship/child rearing/cooking/cleaning needs! She shops with you. She talks with you. She handles munchkins with you.
She even vacations with you and Mike can go off and do things alone once and awhile:) (coincidence that my husbands name is Mike??? I think NOT!)
She is very happy just dating Sam the butcher, and is TOTALLY fulfilled helping you raise your family. Oh man I love her.

A girl can dream..can't she?? In the time it took to write this post, Summer has unsticked every. single. post-it from a stack and stuck them all over the front hall and is covered in snot and strawberries (don't ask). Tatum has asked 14 times when dinner is, and heck if I know where Matthew is! Man, I need to go find him. I am due to go pick up Jake at the skating rink in 45 minutes and Mike is working real late homework, dinner, showers, and bedtime is allll me!

Oh Alice.....