Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The One Where She Danced All Night

Back onto vacation posts~ I promise I am almost done:) I will be so proud of myself one day when I can pull out a CD with my blog on it and show my kids how well I documented their childhood! Ahem...and a nickel to anyone who has noticed the reoccurring themed titles for the vacation posts... Not that I am a big "Friends" fan or anything, but they all start like the show does with "The One Where..."
I know, I know...creative me!!!

Every evening we would go out and take a walk on the beach. Next door to our condo was a vivacious hotel called "Ocean Annie's". Their logo was of a woman wearing seashells on her chest. They had live music every single night, and it could be heard far up and down the shoreline.
Now Summer was quite taken with it all. The beat. The wind. The liveliness. The instruments. The cheers. The oceans waves giving you the sense of solitude out in the vast darkness.
She looked forward to our nightly walks each night, and as soon as her bare paw set foot in the sand, the rhythm took hold of her and she would dance.

Oh my she danced!

She would spin and run and tiptoe and just glorify in her dancing.

People walking by would smile, and point. She was quite a sight.

I wanted so badly to capture what I saw. I couldn't figure out the flash, or the night mode, or her quick movements, but some turned out okay.

Anyways...I think it was about the highlight of the trip for me.

And I present to you...Miss Summer!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My Week Of W's

Woo Hoo~ Doesn't this picture of the girl below look like a bucket of fun!!! Beside the fact that she probably won't be happy that I posted this picture of her...SHE REALLY IS!!! How do I know you say?!?!? Because this weekend, after much emailing and texting, I got to talk to the Lacey from Don't Do Drugs on the phone! For like an hour! And she is just as funny and cute as she is on her blog:)
She is brilliant on the computer and has the cutest little voice, Lol! I had a great time talking to her, and I can only hope to one day get to drink and see her run in military gear in person:)

WISHES ON A BIRTHDAY CAKE~ This past week was my mom's birthday. We had to celebrate it a couple days late, but we tried to make it special.
I made a chocolate cake and took her shopping. And when the kids came home from school we had cake for dinner, LOL!
WHAT HAPPENED? Alot of you have sweetly wanted to know how Tatum's dance went after her boyfriend broke up with her less than 24 hours of the dance.
As you know she went anyways with friends. She ended up having a really good time! She said she laughed and danced and probably had more fun being with the group. I let her stay out real late, and she hung out at her friends house afterwards. She came home with a smile on her face.
The ex boyfriend however did show up to the dance...with another girl.
WHERE'S MY BABY~ This past week we took down the crib and put up Summer's big girl bed.
She had tried it on vacation and done so well that we knew it was time.
She does excellent! Waayy better at night than she ever did in her crib....YAY!

WHOAA~ This is what happens when you neglect your garden, LOL. I haven't done a thing with it in weeks! Matthew walked by the other day and came in the house with a basket full of these suckers!
WINTER BEDDING~I just bought all new bedding for the Master Bedroom! Yay! It brings more color into the room. I am starting my fall cleaning. (especially since my MIL is visiting this weekend..{{eek!}})

Monday, September 28, 2009

I am Over the Top!

I received this great award from a new bloggy friend named Samantha. She is super cute, and a young SAHM to a little peanut, and I have loved starting to get to know her. I was young once with a baby at home you know...(wait a minute...) I'm still young with a baby at home! I sure don't change much after 16 years, do I! {{sigh}}

Any ways I am suppose to fervently THANK my wonderful award giver (Thankyouthankyouthankyou!) and then pass it on to 6 more wonderful people!

I pick







Now to the fun stuff...

1.Where is your cell phone...on it's charger (right now my whole family is recovering from shock, {{tee hee}})

2.Your hair...down

3.Your mother...Milford

4.Your father...Heaven

5.Your favorite food...Mexican

6.Your dream from last night...long forgotten

7.Your favorite drink...water

8.Your dream/

9.What room are you

10.What is your, blogging

11.What is your fear...evil

12.Where do you want to be in 6 years...more independent

13.Where were you last night...home

14.Something you are not...hung up on money

15.Muffins?...Bannana Nut

16.Wish List items...home repair/furniture/update projects

17.Where did you grow up...Ohio

18.Last thing you did...turned on Noggin for Summer so I could blog;)

19.What are you wearing...chinos and a tank

20.Your t.v....Dexter

21.Your Pets...4cats, 2 turtles

22.Your friends...I'm very careful now. Ones I have mean the world

23.Your life...Awesome

24.Your mood...uplifted...beautiful refreshing weather today.

25.Missing someone...not right now


27.Something your not wearing...socks

28. Your favorite store...Target

29.Your favorite

30.When's the last time you

31.When's the last time you cried...can't remember...last month?

32.Your best friend...Mike

33.One place you go over and store

34.One person who emails me regularly...Lacey

35.Favorite place to eat?...Texas Rhoadhouse

Thanks again Samantha....I so badly just wanna call you Sam! So can I? Okay, Thanks Sam! This was so fun:) If I picked you...tag your it!!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

HomeComing 2009

Right now as I type this Tatum is on her way to her 1st dance.
This is so exciting, not only for her, but for me to get to live vicariously through her:)
I never did go to a single Prom, homecoming, or dance of any kind.
She let me share in the makeup, shoes, and hair just like I was a part of it:)
She looked beautiful, and I hope she has a wonderful time.
This girl amazes me every day you know.
She got invited and planned to go with her boyfriend, who just last night broke up with her...
but she is still going. She's just going with friends now. Good for you Tate!

You look stunning, and we love you so much! Have fun!

Friday, September 25, 2009

The One Where My Family Humored Me

Something I have had on my bucket list, and always dreamed of doing, was going to the south, and among the Spanish moss, wandering the grounds of a plantation. Last year when we went to Myrtle Beach, we weren't organized enough to do so, and this year Mike told me if I looked into it and found something that we would all go.
So this year, one day we packed up and drove two hours over to Charleston for the day to visit Boone Hall Plantation.
The entrance was amazing and didn't disappointed. Lined with Live Oak trees dripping with Spanish Moss it was breath taking.
We first visited the line of slave houses. People lived in these until the 1940's!! It was unbelievable the stories we heard, and to walk and touch where these poor souls had survived was unspeakable. It was so good for my kids to see first hand.

The had information in each house that taught a little. I think they each will take something with them from that day.

I was in heaven with my camera. The trees were gorgeous! It didn't let you forget it was the south though...even though it was September it was humid, and the bugs tore us up.

There were these little lizards all over and the boys had a great time catching them:)

The movie "North and South" with Patrick Swazee and the movie "Queen" with Halle Berry was filmed here. My friend was an extra in the movie "Queen" and it is one of my all time favorite movies! If you have not seen it you really should. It is amazing!

They had a small butterfly garden that you could go into that was filled with caterpillars and butterfly's. Summer absolutely LOVED it in there:)

I was a little disappointed in the house tour. A family still lives in there?!?! So you were not allowed upstairs or to take pictures. We only saw 3 of the rooms on the 1st floor. But all and all it was a wonderful day and beautiful. Thanks family, for letting ol mom do something she wanted to:) You made her day!