Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Week Of W's

WICKED BOOTS- Summer fell in love with the most awesome boots the other day. Not only do they have handles on them, so she can put them on herself...but they have CATS on them. She is in heaven:)

WOO-HOO- Today is my blogaversary!! It has been ONE year today, since I started my blog. I have done 299 posts (counting this one). Wwhheeww!!! Houston...I think I may have a problem...I mean addiction.

This past year I have made so many friends all over the map. It has been so uplifting and wonderful. Thank you all. Lacey~I love you girl. You make me laugh out loud with your emails and witty writings (and one particular comando picture) and you have been a great friend:) Cassie~You inspire me all the time to be the best mom and to love being one, Jennifer~You have been so sweet to help me across the miles decorate my blog, Cara~ you simply are the best, Sugar and Spice Heather~don't be surprised if there is a cat on your doorstep tomorrow, is biting me right now!! Just kidding, I have love being friends, Want What you Have Heather~You inspire me daily too to continue walking on the right path, and I cannot wait until FRIDAY-UGH! Seriously...Trudy, Yaya, Betty, Kimber, Vivienne, Becky, Catherine, Maria, Mom-a-lious (coming over for that bar-b-Q?) If I didn't name you, I love you all!!!!

In celebration of my 1 year here is my 1st post....

September 2nd, 2008
Sweet baby o mine

This is our youngest Summer.

Don'tcha just love that full belly of milk!!

She is relaxing after a bath and just naturally took this pose.

Isn't she a hoot!

This is my first post ever on my first blog!!! Thanks Heather for all your help getting set up!!
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2:12 PM


Jake got his football pictures back. Here he is!! Number 84!!!

WEEDS- we have now watched EVERY SINGLE season and episode of Weeds. All five seasons. Mike and I are kind of in limbo now! What do we do? Wahhhh!!!! It's over!!! Now we have to wait like everyone else for it to come out next season and wait week to week??? What. The. Hell. Have we done to ourselves!!!

Spoiled rotten.

We are used to watching those cliff hanger endings back to back I tell you!!! Aagghhh!!!


Remember that last post about projects beware??? Here is my next one checked off the list!!! Yay!!!

Since we moved here FOUR YEARS AGO...(sad I know), we have not had a toliet paper holder attached to the wall.