Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The One Where She Danced All Night

Back onto vacation posts~ I promise I am almost done:) I will be so proud of myself one day when I can pull out a CD with my blog on it and show my kids how well I documented their childhood! Ahem...and a nickel to anyone who has noticed the reoccurring themed titles for the vacation posts... Not that I am a big "Friends" fan or anything, but they all start like the show does with "The One Where..."
I know, I know...creative me!!!

Every evening we would go out and take a walk on the beach. Next door to our condo was a vivacious hotel called "Ocean Annie's". Their logo was of a woman wearing seashells on her chest. They had live music every single night, and it could be heard far up and down the shoreline.
Now Summer was quite taken with it all. The beat. The wind. The liveliness. The instruments. The cheers. The oceans waves giving you the sense of solitude out in the vast darkness.
She looked forward to our nightly walks each night, and as soon as her bare paw set foot in the sand, the rhythm took hold of her and she would dance.

Oh my she danced!

She would spin and run and tiptoe and just glorify in her dancing.

People walking by would smile, and point. She was quite a sight.

I wanted so badly to capture what I saw. I couldn't figure out the flash, or the night mode, or her quick movements, but some turned out okay.

Anyways...I think it was about the highlight of the trip for me.

And I present to you...Miss Summer!