Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The One Where I Squeeze a Ton of Random Things We Did Into One Post

I did really good with the last two vacation posts, and I plan to continue with my organized ways...but I'm coming to the realization of all the little things that are falling through the cracks that won't have a designated post for.

This of course is not acceptable:) So here is a collaboration of miscellaneous pictures of the oh so important things you need not miss!

These two sillies had to share the pull out couch. How in the world either of them got any sleep is beyond me.
I actually witnessed one night, after Matthew had used the bathroom he crawl back into bed to the quarter of an inch edge that Jake was allowing him at that moment (why he just didn't go to the other side, IDK). Jake in his sleep (although it almost looked on purpose) rolled his arms and legs immediately onto Matt. Matt then proceeded to punch the living daylight out of Jake.
I tiptoed back to my bed and whispered to Mike that I just don't get "boys".

Summer's hair turned practically white this summer.

Jake found a soft shell crab.

This was the deck from our condo leading right to the beach...

LOTS of boogie boarding was done!
The boys built barbie a pool, LOL!

Poor Tate! Being a Sophmore she had SO much work to catch up on!!!

Now back to our regularly scheduled posts:)