Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My Week Of W's

Woo Hoo~ Doesn't this picture of the girl below look like a bucket of fun!!! Beside the fact that she probably won't be happy that I posted this picture of her...SHE REALLY IS!!! How do I know you say?!?!? Because this weekend, after much emailing and texting, I got to talk to the Lacey from Don't Do Drugs on the phone! For like an hour! And she is just as funny and cute as she is on her blog:)
She is brilliant on the computer and has the cutest little voice, Lol! I had a great time talking to her, and I can only hope to one day get to drink and see her run in military gear in person:)

WISHES ON A BIRTHDAY CAKE~ This past week was my mom's birthday. We had to celebrate it a couple days late, but we tried to make it special.
I made a chocolate cake and took her shopping. And when the kids came home from school we had cake for dinner, LOL!
WHAT HAPPENED? Alot of you have sweetly wanted to know how Tatum's dance went after her boyfriend broke up with her less than 24 hours of the dance.
As you know she went anyways with friends. She ended up having a really good time! She said she laughed and danced and probably had more fun being with the group. I let her stay out real late, and she hung out at her friends house afterwards. She came home with a smile on her face.
The ex boyfriend however did show up to the dance...with another girl.
WHERE'S MY BABY~ This past week we took down the crib and put up Summer's big girl bed.
She had tried it on vacation and done so well that we knew it was time.
She does excellent! Waayy better at night than she ever did in her crib....YAY!

WHOAA~ This is what happens when you neglect your garden, LOL. I haven't done a thing with it in weeks! Matthew walked by the other day and came in the house with a basket full of these suckers!
WINTER BEDDING~I just bought all new bedding for the Master Bedroom! Yay! It brings more color into the room. I am starting my fall cleaning. (especially since my MIL is visiting this weekend..{{eek!}})