Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Oh Jake...my now twelve year old. My first boy. The years have flown, and you my son have made them exciting! From the surprise all natural delivery, you came into this world with a bang, and have kept us on our toes every since! You are full of curiosity and wonder and you are on your own time, lol. You fall full force into something and give your whole heart to it, when you do.

When you were little you became so obsessed with Santa that year round Christmas carols were your lullabies at night. You would only wear green shirts for about a 6 month period because that is what "Steve" from Blue's Clue's wore. You got caught peeing in so many places that at the time your young mother was exasperated, but now as I read your baby book and see..."in the cat boxes....down the basement drain...in the corner on the carpet...and pooping in the yard in front of Fred the neighbor" I have to laugh now at all your freedom in shenanigans.

You taught yourself to swim. You could ride a two wheeler by age four! You got in mud fights with Aidan and stuck my maxi pads to your privates trying to be like me:)

You broke you nose at age 5 diving in the staircase ledge, and broke your arm at age 8 from the monkey bars at school. You loved and saved animals with mom, and you are patient and kind with your baby sister.

We couldn't be prouder of you. You totally rock. I am so lucky to get to be your mom and watch what you become. I love you so much it hurts. You are going to grow up to be something pretty cool I think. I can't wait to see...

Happy Birthday Honey:)