Thursday, September 24, 2009

The One Where We Got All Dressed Up!

One of the days I really wanted to have Mike and Tatum to have the chance to do something alone. With her bogged down with all the homework, and *those teenage years* that seems to creep up on us, I knew that Daddy's heart was needing some bonding. Tatum and I are quite close and get to spend time together, but with Mike it seems...notsomuch.

Tatum LOVES to kayak, and after a few calls I found a place that did it. Now Mike had never been, but he was up for it, so off we went.

The boys were quite devastated that they were not included, and not pacified at all by the ice cream we ate while we waited, but getting to go, even just to get this shot was well worth it. There are two of my gems in the water. I can remember the days when it was just us three starting out.

They had a good time, although they shared the water with jet ski's and bigger boats {{eek!}}

That evening we got all dressed up and went out for our special dinner out. Tatum and I had a little photo please humor me and check out the smilebox player. My brain is actually oozzing out my ears a little from the difficulity this put me through!

And yes...I KNOW how to spell Myrtle Beach...(dumb smilebox!) Once I messed up I couldn't go back (or didn't know how to) to fix it! UGh!

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