Friday, September 25, 2009

The One Where My Family Humored Me

Something I have had on my bucket list, and always dreamed of doing, was going to the south, and among the Spanish moss, wandering the grounds of a plantation. Last year when we went to Myrtle Beach, we weren't organized enough to do so, and this year Mike told me if I looked into it and found something that we would all go.
So this year, one day we packed up and drove two hours over to Charleston for the day to visit Boone Hall Plantation.
The entrance was amazing and didn't disappointed. Lined with Live Oak trees dripping with Spanish Moss it was breath taking.
We first visited the line of slave houses. People lived in these until the 1940's!! It was unbelievable the stories we heard, and to walk and touch where these poor souls had survived was unspeakable. It was so good for my kids to see first hand.

The had information in each house that taught a little. I think they each will take something with them from that day.

I was in heaven with my camera. The trees were gorgeous! It didn't let you forget it was the south though...even though it was September it was humid, and the bugs tore us up.

There were these little lizards all over and the boys had a great time catching them:)

The movie "North and South" with Patrick Swazee and the movie "Queen" with Halle Berry was filmed here. My friend was an extra in the movie "Queen" and it is one of my all time favorite movies! If you have not seen it you really should. It is amazing!

They had a small butterfly garden that you could go into that was filled with caterpillars and butterfly's. Summer absolutely LOVED it in there:)

I was a little disappointed in the house tour. A family still lives in there?!?! So you were not allowed upstairs or to take pictures. We only saw 3 of the rooms on the 1st floor. But all and all it was a wonderful day and beautiful. Thanks family, for letting ol mom do something she wanted to:) You made her day!