Thursday, September 3, 2009

I'm a {{Gasp}} Picker

My dad use to have a bunch of sayings he use to say...

now don't quote me, I could be wrong, but I swear one of them was...

You can pick your friends...

and you can pick your nose...

But you can't pick your friend's nose!

Classic, right?

Well something I strive hard not to be, nor have the stigma of being is a garbage picker. Our neighborhood has the notorious red truck guy that drives thru on garbage night and collects all our stuff and takes it to gosh knows where!
I have been in cahoots with Malinda on our nightly walks (who IS a picker!! LoL) and helped carry 50 lb wooden rockers by the light of the moon like thieving raccoons back to her place. (they still grace her back patio:)

But not me! Nope.

Dammit~! Someone actually threw out...threw out! a Step 2 two seater wagon (nothing wrong with it..NADA!), and a little tykes ride car (sun damaged and old, but perfectly fine otherwise). Like $100 worth of stuff. Malinda being the best friend ever, and remembered said rocking chair night, pulled the wagon, while I pushed the car.

Man those things are loud rolling them home in the dark.

AAnndd of course a man walking his dog, really and truly asked us if we were garbage picking, LOL {{how embarrassing!}}

But my little niece and nephew NOW will have a wagon to play in, where as they did not before:)

And Summer has a hot new ride:)