Monday, August 31, 2009

Dancing Queen

The Looonnngg wait for Summer was finally over today! Her much anticipated dance class started. I couldn't believe my luck when I actually found a place that held a class for two year olds. Never did we doubt though that Summer wouldn't be up for this. She has had a beat in her blood and rhythm in her soul since she was born, and just can't resist the sound of music. It itches her behind to start to swagger, and her toe to tap. We are known in church for the shear fact of sitting in the front each week (where there is room to spin of course) and having Summer dance to Pastor and his band playing.

We had our orientation a couple weeks ago, and since have talked it up, and bought a leo. I admit, I did have some doubts, after watching my other kids be the ones in preschool and activities that clung to me crying. I secretly feared this might backfire on me and she would all of a sudden become shy. But she lead the way on this one, and every time we asked or talked, she got more excited or would perform on cue a little dance.

She watched the other children arrived with curiosity, and I silently prayed they would keep it together just so we'd not have a domino effect.
A couple dropped like flys and cried and clung to mom. One little girl sat at the door and refused to do anything the whole time. I have been there, oh yes I have with Jake and Matt, and Tatum. I did not want to be there again! I over smiled at Summer and encouraged her to go on and play! It was fine! She did...Oh did she!

She trolloped and ran circles, and walked on her tippy toes. She spun and did the parachute. She loved it! She was in her element, and she knew it. She was dancing!

The building it is in is in an old Shoe Factory is the old part of town. It is gorgeous, if you like old buildings like me:)

Here she is noticing herself in the mirror...

Here the teacher said touch your toes, LOL!

She came home excited and happy.

I have a feeling we have some years of dance ahead of us:)