Friday, August 7, 2009

Reading Between the Cuteness

There are so many things I tend to look at when I look at a picture. I absorb so much. I love the backgrounds. Especially older pictures. How the house used to look, or how things use to be decorated or how the times use to be.
This was just a cute afternoon of Summer playing stroller with the kitten, but with my terrible terrible memory it will serve as so much more to me.
This little outfit she is wearing is one of the very few I have that was Tatum's.
Yes..15 year old Tatum wore that once! Her little 2 year old body squirmed, and laughed and played inside of it.
All of our cat's actually enjoy being pushed around in the baby doll stroller. I am not kidding. When Summer is not hunting them down, they will gladly hop in one, and turn around to find a comfortable spot, poking their heads out the holes and swatting at anything that passes.
Even 17 pound, 8 year old Chance happily takes his turn being pushed up and down the halls.
That little band-aide you see on Summer's arm is covering a non existent boo boo. She saw Jake put a bandage on a cut, and was devastated that she did not have one. She was positive that she needed one.
Yes~that is a pluggy in Summer's mouth in the 1st picture. No comment on that.

Summer is finally feeling better~Thanks everyone for the well wishes. She ended up having Roseola (sp?), so after the fever broke her little body broke out in a rash all over ( no itch though thank goodness).
She is finally back to normal today and rearing to go....!