Saturday, August 22, 2009

Randomness and Target Dress Overkill

First off in my randomness a belated THANK YOU for my beautiful new header you all can see at the top of my blog. That was created completely by my friend Jen over at What's Shakin. Thank you so much Jen!!!! She put that together all the way over in Michigan and emailed it to me in Ohio...just because she is that sweet:)

In other news around here, I thought it was so cute what Summer did. Alot of mornings that I have to wake her up, I will go into her room and softly sing a wake up song..."Let the sunshine in" or "Good Morning Summer". This morning she was in our bed and Mike had left earlier for work. She had woken before me, and as I started to stir and cracked open an eye I saw her peering over me. She started to sing "Wake up Mama...Wake up Mama". It was too adorable!

Onto the Target Dress overkill...

Now you know I LOVE TARGET

and of course I LOVE taking pictures (can't get enough practice!)

I am in total LOVE with my kids!

throw in a prairie dress and I am hopeless!