Monday, September 8, 2008

Happy 11th Birthday JAKE!!!!

Today is my son Jake's 11th birthday!! I can't believe it has gone so quickly already. When he was born he came so fast, he was the only one of my kids that I had to deliver naturally! (Almost born on a toilet!) I remember praying to just die when I was going through husband thought maybe I would. It was so scary and painful, but there is not a doubt in my mind I wouldn't do it again in a minute to get to bring that sweet soul into my life!

This is my dad, Chester Joseph. Jake was named Jacob Joseph after him. He died when Jake was 6 weeks old. I am SO glad he got the chance to hold him!

This baby brought so much joy to my grieving mother. That first few years she practically lived with us, and she holds Jake especially close to her heart. When he learned to talk he called both her and me "Mama".

He has aways had a creative heart and soul. That boy can get into anything!! We always said it was lucky that he was so darn cute, because he is constantly into messes.

Jake really wanted to be in the recital with his big sister when he was 2. Finally after much persisting on his part, we dressed him in a tutu. Mike was not happy when he came home to this!

Jake and his Kitten "Pumpkin."
age 4

Jake got into my make-up.

Jake got into a mud fight.

Jake had the chickenpox(hence the calamine look) and "Yelped Sissy" with a flashlight while she did chores.

Mike with the kids at Disney. (note the broken arm...broken the week we left! Jake was HUGE into monkey bars.

My 4 babies.

Jake is a FANTASTIC big brother to Summer. He loves her so much! He is Matthew's BEST friend in the whole world. He and Tatum have their good days:)

Jake and his BEST FRIEND EVER..Aidan!
Jake...we love you so much. You have brought so much laughter and joy in our lives! I love that you are so sweet with animals, you taught ME how to play chess, you take Matty on EXTREME bike rides, you have stuck it out for football, even though you are 1st year, you remind me of your Uncle Timmy, you can take a fish off the hook, you taught yourself how to ride a bike at 3, you loved Santa SOO much I had to sing you Christmas songs instead of lullabies, you hold your hair as a comfort and give yourself a "horn" most mornings, and best because YOU are YOU! Happy Birthday buddy! You totally Rock!