Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Muscle Madness

Tomorrow morning I am dreading....my friend Heather is trying to kill me. You see it involves embarrassing myself in front of a group of strangers by showing them how uncoordinated and week I am, all the while not being able to friggin BREATH. You guess it...an exercise class that her friend teaches.(her friend being a size 2 and in terrific shape...the kind of person who CHOOSES to do this for a living!?!?) Not to scoff at our workout regime...I think we do pretty damn good! We are on elliptical machines 3 times a week for usually 40 minutes each time. We are both content with our workout and our lost weight. (tell me again why we are doing this....AHhh the chance for something new!) After a summer of slacking and eating a bunch of crap, we are glutton for punishment I guess.
I will get good rest and look forward to that Cracker Barrel reward that comes after. Now..how do you kick ball change again?......