Thursday, October 9, 2008

To Pee or Not to Pee

Today has been one of those days. One of those days where your back is breaking by the evening hours. I have done so much today that I should feel on top of everything, but in actuality I've just made a nick.
All day I have been so busy, I actually have not had time to go to the bathroom when needed. I have had a headache and told myself 18 times to take some Excedrin, but I seem to not be able to make it to the medicine cabinet! I keep getting pulled in so many directions.
I have run the dishwasher twice. Unbelievably, I still have dishes in the sink!! I've taken on this goal of home cooking a meal every night this week. Saturday Tatum (my super organizer of the family) and I cleaned and scrubbed out the fridge. We made a shopping list off of recipes we picked out for the week. We went grocery shopping and bought the store. Every day I have packed the kids lunches and had my crock pot running. We have not eaten out once. This is a huge feat for me, and all though I love it and am very proud of myself, it is a new habit and been alot of extra work.
Which leads me to the laundry getting behind. Thank Goodness for my super capacity washer and dryer, but even still I did 8 loads of laundry today. Yup, folded and put away.(well almost) After my husband got home from work, and the kids peeled off all their clothes before baths and showers, I now have filled baskets again!
Let's see, I went to the bank, sifted through the bills and paid them, had a hair appt., went and worked-out this morning, worked on my husbands business (computer work), drug all the garbage to the curb (after collecting it from all the cans), made dinner, did kids homework, and called about 50 people for the upcoming school's Fall Fest. Aside from having my 3 older kids get home early for "Early Release Day", and having my baby on my hip, pooping at all the most inconvenient times. Now I know this day is probably no different than any other SAHM, but it kicked my ass today!!!
This gets better (wait for it). My BFF calls me today, whom I LOVE so much, but tells me she is going to hire a house cleaner occasionally to help her out some. Yup, she got the girls name from our other friend who is going to use her. (AAGGHHH!!) I WANT A HOUSE CLEANER TOO!! ME TOO!! ME TOO!! Oh will never happen...Boo Hoo! I am so happy for them (really!) but when I breezed it by my husband for the gazillinth time (just wood floors and bathrooms 1x month..please!) his face was answer enough.
Ya know what...this is a poopy post. I'm sorry. I'm not sorry enough to change it though. I will pray tonight for a positive attitude ( and a generous husband that pays for occasional housekeepers) and tomorrow is a fresh start!
Like my blog says...I am coming to you From the Trenches...