Sunday, October 19, 2008

What is a Starfish?

***WARNING**** Parental Discretion Advised, Sexual content Involved

Not for the easily offended.

Have I told you all before about my secret love of reality T.V. It is shallow, lame, sad, but wonderfully entertaining to me! It is a guilty pleasure of mine. It started innocently with Survivor, and Extreme Home Makeovers, but then lead me to Rock of Love (1 and 2), Tila Tequila, and The Girls Next Door. I find it fascinating the way other people live their lives and I root for the underdog on the elimination shows.

Well, the other night I was watching the Girls Next Door. That is the show with Hugh Hefner and his girlfriends living in the Playboy Mansion. Holly, Bridget, and Kendra had gone to this famous chocolate place that made molds and they were making presents for Hugh's birthday. Holly wanted to do her cha cha. (She said it is her best feature?), Bridget (*pause* ya gotta love Bridget...she is older than me, and still holds her own in that place) wanted to do Hugh's bobble head! But after seeing what the other girls were doing she gave in and decided to do her boobs. Then came Kendra. The youngest and wildest. She said she wanted to do her starfish? I thought to myself "what could this be?? I don't know?" I felt really stupid as I watch the show, wanting to be in on the joke. Well when they laid the plastic down and poured chocolate on her butt....I got it. EWWWWWWWWWWWWW!
So filled with this knowledge, I waited to use my new term in an appropriate situation.
The other day my friend Cindy was here and as she pet the cat, it was mentioned that he needed to clean himself up a little better. Cindy said "he has long hair, he can't help it". (here was my moment...we were drinking Pina colodas and having a fun adult time!) Ahem..."No, I said...he doesn't have trouble with his is all just on his STARFISH!"
I think Cindy gagged.
I was thrilled with my response. Boy I laughed!
No this blog is not appropriate.
No my kids will not read this.
Yes! I think it was very funny!
And if I helped one more person out there learn a new word...I have done my job!